Facts of Alberta

Full Name Alberta
First Name Alberta
Profession Celebrity Girlfriend
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Dating
Relation With Jason Benetti

Alberta is the partner of Jason Benetti. Jason professionally serves as a sportscaster. 

The man is recognized for his work in ESPN, Fox Sports, Westwood One, and Time Warner

Who is Alberta dating currently?

She is dating a popular sportscaster, Mr. Jason Benetti. Both of them haven’t talked about their relationship in public till now. 

It seems that they both like to keep their personal life away from the media. 

The lady is living in Vancouver. Jason being in the media field only uploads the picture related to his work in his social media sites. 

We have to wait when the man makes Alberta his wife.

Her boyfriend was born prematurely

It’s true that her boyfriend Jason was born prematurely. Jason took birth ten weeks before. 

This had made him hospitalized for the whole ten months. At a young age only, he was diagnosed with respiratory illness. 

Not only this, but he was also badly deprived of oxygen in blood. 

It’s been stated that it was caused due to the exhaustive care he was getting. 

Due to the illness of cerebral palsy, he was unable to walk properly.

Nevertheless, who knew that this little child will one day become a great journalist. 

Jason, at his early age, underwent numerous surgery to walk properly. 

Due to this reason, he was unable to take part in the tuba game. 

Seeing this, one of his band directors gave him the task of performing as a halftime broadcaster for that event because the director doesn’t want to leave him back for the cause. 

That’s when his career began in this sportscasting field.

Sneak Peek on Jason Benetti early life

Jason, from the very beginning, has been a part of the NCAA tournament pool

Later, he participated as a radio broadcaster during high school. 

The man attended Syracuse University, then moved to Wake Forest University. He took a law degree there. 

Benetti had also portrayed the role of an intern for WSCR, which is related to Chicago’s sports radio station. 

After completing the internship, he got to be a part of ESPN. It has been stated that this part of the job could let him enter the television world. 

But the junior Jason didn’t want to be on Television as a kid. 

That’s why he used to contact select college basketball games. He then shifted to ESPN2 and ESPNU

2013 was the year where he called as a first and foremost football game. 

Four years later, he was so good that he replaced Ken Harrelson

In 2019, he was appointed as a full-time play-by-play duty after Harrelson’s retirement. 

He also served with CHAT which stands for Communication Hope through Assistive Technology, at Syracuse University

Lastly, Jason was said to have a lazy limp or lazy eye by his own family members, friends, and fans.

Net worth

Since Alberta’s personal information or financial information couldn’t be traced, it’s impossible to represent her data on this topic. 

Instead, it’s a better idea to list her boyfriend’s financial details. 

Being in the broadcasting field, her man Jason is said to have a total estimated net worth between $100k to 1 million dollars. 


  1. Her partner, born in 1983, makes him 37 years old.