A well-known content creator and a Twitch streamer, Ranger is recognized for streaming Fortnite. Ranger’s main reason to create YouTube Channel was to upload his Ark montage. He recently started developing a montage of Fortnite. 

In Ranger’s childhood days, he was interested in playing CS: GO. He found Fornite more fascinating than other games. Ranger streams on Twitch daily.

Ranger’s [Twitch Star] Wikipedia, Age, Real Name

Despite being the renowned creator, Ranger’s bio is not available on the official page of Wikipedia.

Ranger took birth on July 15, 2000. His current age is 20 years old.

As per the records, the real name of Ranger is Marcus Pereira.

Ranger’s Girlfriend, Instagram, Net Worth

The lucky person who is dating Ranger remains secrete. He has never spoken about his love life in the public domain.

Similarly, You can connect Ranger on Instagram under the name @rangerfortnite. Additionally, 58.1K people have followed him on the platform. 

The Famous Streamer Ranger has not disclosed his net worth yet. 

Name Ranger (Marcus Pereira)
Birthday July 15, 2000
Age 20 years old
Gender Male
Height 5 feet 9 inches
Nationality Canadian
Profession Twitch Star
Salary $5,375 per month
Instagram @rangerfortnite
Twitter @RangerMJP
Youtube Ranger

10 Facts About Ranger 

  1. The Twitch streamer Marcus Pereira aka Ranger, is 20 years old. Ranger was born on July 15, 2000, and his star sign is Cancer. 
  2. Though Ranger is a renowned streamer, his Wikipedia is absent at the moment. People may know about him from these facts. 
  3. Furthermore, the earning of streamers are quite decent. As per our research, his salary is $5,375 per month. 
  4. You can follow Ranger on Twitter as @RangerMJP with 119.5K followers. 
  5. Also, we can visualize Ranger on Instagram as well under the name @rangerfortnite. 
  6. Nevertheless, We can also connect him on YouTube. Moreover, he has already gathered 63.2K subscribers on YouTube. 
  7. On Twitch, He has already gathered lots of fan following. He has 431K followers on the streaming platform. 
  8. Similarly, Marcus Pereira holds Canadian nationality. 
  9. Speaking of his family, there is no detailed information about them yet. However, he has a twin sister. 
  10. Coming to his height, his height is 5 feet 9 inches.