10 Female Rappers From Atlanta To Follow In 2023

Female Rappers from Atlanta include 1. Latto 2. Baby Tate 3. Rubi Rose and more. Atlanta has seen many new female rappers rise up for the throne.

There has never been a better time to be a female rapper than right now. After Nicki Minaj broke through the mainstream and made female-led rap the norm, with Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion soon following, women are being seen as more than just novelty in the Hip-Hop game.

On the other hand, Atlanta rose in prominence in Rap after acts like Migos and 21 Savage made ATL the new mecca of Hip-Hop. So, bring them together and we see more and more female rappers start getting critical and commercial acclaim. 

Here are 10 of them:

Female Rappers from Atlanta

Name Spotify Listeners
1. Latto 11,139,270
2. Baby Tate 9,647,595
3. Rubi Rose 564,574
4. Lakeyah 861,610
5. Joseline Hernandez 673,289
6. Bali Baby 337,319
7. Bktherula 992,424
8. Kodie Shane 450,574
9. Pap Chanel 200,664
10. LightSkinKeisha 136,775

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1. Latto

Age: 24
Date of Birth: December 22, 1998
Real Name: Alyssa Michelle Stephens

Female rappers from Atlanta include Latto who is the most famous on this list. Initially known as Mulatto, she changed her name in January 2021.

The rapper was born in Columbus, Ohio, but moved to Atlanta sometime after she was born and went to school in Clayton County, Georgia. Latto decided she wanted to be a rapper at age 10, and has been writing her own songs since.

Latto gained mainstream success in 2022 after the release of her lead single Big Energy from her sophomore album, 777. The success of that song catapulted her into international fame, and she even got nominated for best new artist at the 2023 Grammy Awards.

Since then, Latto has continued on an upward trajectory and despite feuds with Nicki Minaj, has kept releasing successful tracks one after the other.

2. Baby Tate

Age: 26
Date of Birth: May 13, 1996
Real Name: Tate Sequoya Farris

Baby Tate is an Atlanta native rapper and singer. Tate is the daughter of singer Dionne Farris.

However, Tate’s music is very different from her mother’s who always supported her musical ambitions from a young age. Like Latto, Tate knew she wanted to be a rapper while still a child, and has been making her own beats since she was 13 years old.

The rapper has been making music professionally since 2015 when she released her debut EP ROYGBIV, but it wasn’t until the release of her debut album Girls in 2019 that she started gaining mainstream recognition.

Tate has distinguished herself from her peers, both female and otherwise, for having positive sexual messages in her songs, particularly the lyrics. The rapper is also known for her fun personality on social media.

3. Rubi Rose

Age: 25
Date of Birth: October 2, 1997
Real Name: Rubi Rose Benton

Rubi Rose is an American rapper based in Atlanta, Georgia. Originally from Lexington, Kentucky, she moved to Atlanta in her junior year of high school.

Rose is primarily known for her modeling but in recent years has been making serious headway for her rapping, both in terms of skills and recognition. Out of all the rappers on this list, Rose has the biggest hunger and a point to prove herself.

So far, she has only released one album For the Streets in 2020 but has steadily been releasing single after single. The album brought her enough recognition that she was on the 2021 XXL Freshman list.

Despite this, many rap fans still don’t take her seriously, and Rose has vowed to keep getting better if only to talk down to her detractors. Precisely because of her drive, Rose deserves to be on this list.

4. Lakeyah

Age: 22
Date of Birth: February 28, 2001
Real Name: Lakeyah Danaee Robinson

Lakeyah is an American rapper who is signed to Quality control music. Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, she moved to Atlanta at age 18.

The rapper was originally a slam poet in high school but was convinced by her friends to start rapping at age 15 for the #SoGoneChallenge. The challenge featured people submitting rap verses to Monica’s So Gone‘s instrumental.

Lakeyah’s interest in rap only grew and she traveled to Atlanta for her 18th birthday and decided to move there to study at the Art Institute of Atlanta. However, two months later, she dropped out and started pursuing rapping as a career.

Since then she has released two mixtapes called Time’s Up (2020) and In Due Time (2021)and two EPs called No Pressure part 1 (July 2022) and 2 (September 2022).

5. Joseline Hernandez

Age: 36
Date of Birth: November 3, 1986
Real Name: Joseline Hernandez

Joseline Hernandez is a rapper and TV personality originally from Puerto Rico. Hernandez moved to Atlanta sometime in her teens.

Originally an exotic dancer, she was discovered by producer Stevie J who then added her to the original cast of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta as an aspiring rapper. Hernandez was then involved with Stevie J until 2016.

Hernandez played a major role in the show for the first six seasons and then started acting in various other projects too. Though she had been releasing music since 2012, the rapper started seriously releasing music from 2017 onward.

Nowadays, Hernandez is best known for making R&B-tinged rap music about love, lust, and relationships. Though she has yet to release a full-length project, her singles do more than enough numbers.


6. Bali Baby

Age: 25
Date of Birth: June 15, 1997
Real Name: Kaitlin Fletcher

Bali Baby is a female Trap rapper from Atlanta, Georgia. Bali has been active in the industry since 2016.

What separates Bali from many other female rappers on this list is that she is openly LGBT and in fact one of the few out female rappers, that too from Atlanta. Many other LGBT rappers like ppcocaine have named her a direct influence.

The rapper is also one of the few female rappers to openly incorporate rock elements into her music and is well known for her unique blend of rock and Trap. In fact, her debut album Baylor Swift blew fans and critics away with that quality.

So far, she has released eleven projects in her career which include two albums, four mixtapes, and five EPs.

7. Bktherula

Age: 20
Date of Birth: August 30, 2002
Real Name: Brooklyn Candida Rodriguez

Bktherula is a female rapper and singer hailing from Atlanta, Georgia. The artist is known for her unique aesthetic and loyal fanbase.

The rapper also started making music from a young age like many others on this list, and by age 9 was already recording her songs on a tape recorder. In a few years, when she was 13 years old, she started uploading her music onto Soundcloud.

It comes as no surprise that Bk comes from a musical family as her father was once a rapper too and was in a rap group called Planet X. As for Bk, she started becoming popular on Soundcloud during the Soundcloud rap boom in 2018.

However, it wouldn’t be until 2020 that she would find mainstream success with her song Tweakin’ Together going viral on social media. 

8. Kodie Shane

Age: 24
Date of Birth: October 28, 1998
Real Name: Kodie Williams

Kodie Shane is a female rapper from Atlanta and an associate of Lil Yachty. Shane first gained prominence for being in the Sailing Team.

The Sailing Team is a collective led by Yacthy, and in fact, Shane first gained prominence for her 2016 song Sad which featured the rapper. However, she was born with music in her blood as her father Danny C. Williams was in an R&B trio called Rick, Ran & Dan.

Aside from her father, almost every member of her family is involved in music as her sister, Brandi Williams is part of a girl group called Blaque, her brother is Lil Wop, and her mother manages them all.

Shane is best known for making the same style of Alternative R&B and Pop-Rap that Yachty popularized. 

9. Pap Chanel

Age: 23
Date of Birth: July 7, 1999
Real Name: Jaida Chanel Roby

Pap Chanel is a rapper from Atlanta who is signed to Def Jam Recordings. Chanel is also in a joint venture with UMG.

Born in Milledgeville, Georgia, she has been releasing music since 2015, when she was only 15 years old, but has been rapping since she was 8. According to her, her biggest inspirations are Nicki Minaj and her brother through whom she learned to rap.

Chanel’s breakthrough into the rap industry was by appearing in the rapper Quan DaKing’s single Add It Up. The rapper then released her debut project The Definition of P.A.P. in 2018, and it wowed audiences with features from popular rapper Lil Baby.

Since then, she has released two more projects called Pretty & Paid in 2020, and its sequel project in 2022.

10. LightSkinKeisha

Age: 23
Date of Birth: September 4, 1999
Real Name: Samantha Deshaun

LightSkinKeisha is an Atlanta native and a rapper, influencer, and reality star. Keisha has dubbed herself the Queen of Atlanta.

Keisha has called fellow female rapper Cardi B her main influence, and has followed in her idol’s footsteps to become a part of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. The rapper’s appearance on the show has caused her profile to grow.

Despite her forays into reality television, her music is still her first love. The rapper started releasing music in 2018 with the release of her debut mixtape That’s Just the Bottom Line. Since then, she has released four more mixtapes, with her most recent one being 2021’s Break the Bank.

Keisha also made the news due to her engagement with singer-songwriter Coca Vango earlier in 2022. The couple have been together since 2018