200 Unique Clothing Brand Names to Capture Attention

The first thing people will see or hear about a company is its name. Hence, every company requires an attractive name. One of the most important aspects of creating a successful business plan is naming your clothesline as it has the power to create or ruin your profession.

In general, having a strong brand identity will draw in new clients and may even help to gain higher productivity. Are you in search of a perfect name for your clothing brand or starting a new brand? If so, then this article is for you. Scroll down to see hundreds of clothing brand names ideas that may be helpful for you.

Unique Clothing Brand Name Ideas

A brand must have a unique name to stand out from other companies and make a place in the customer’s heart. With the unique name, your products are easy to remember as well. Thus, here are some of the clothing brand names listed below:

1. Klothing

2. The Closet

3. Wear Classy

4. The Fashion Clinic

5. Get Dressed Up

6. Fashion Forward

7. Clothes Sense

8. Majestic Fashion

9. My Own Style

10. Impressive Attire

Catchy Clothing Brand Name Ideas

A firm that names its brand after something that would stick in the minds of its customers is said to have a catchy brand. Some examples of such names for apparel brands are included below.

11. Anywear Glows

12. Glam Beauty Wear

13. Style Grid

14. Fashioninsta

15. The Spotlight

16. Fashion House

17. Rock n Roll

18. Fashionbook

19. Threads and Trends

20. The Hanger

Cool Clothing Brand Names Ideas

Some of the cool clothing brand names ideas are:

21. Perfect Glamourwear

22. Couture Collective

23. Shop of Fashion

24. Store of Clothes

25. Just My Size

26. Buttoned Up

27. Attires Hill

28. Fashion Capsule

29. Style Yard

30. Lab of Style

Plus Size Clothing Brand Names Ideas

Plus-size clothing has been dismissed from the fashion industry’s mainstream for long. But now, plus-size fashion is having a moment. You can find the motivation to launch your own plus-size fashion company with this well-chosen and memorable list of plus-size fashion brand name ideas.

31. Curvy Couture

32. Style XL

33. Curvy Glam

34. Big And Bold Fashions

35. Size Style

36. Plus Elegance

37. Figure Fabulous

38. Plus Size Perks

39. Plus Confidence

40. Plus Perfection

Creative Clothing Brand Names Ideas

Choosing a brand name is quite challenging, particularly if it is creative. These names may draw a lot of attention to your business because they raise people’s curiosity about your goods. Hence, we have collected some of the creative clothing brand names.

41. Tiptoe Formals

42. Finer Threads

43. Gents and Ladies

44. Hashtag Couture

45. Bloom and Grow

46. Style Heaven

47. Perfect Fit

48. Creative Crowd

49. A New Wear

50. Looking Stylish

Baby Clothing Brand Names Ideas

It can be tough coming up with the perfect name for your baby or children’s clothing business. But, these baby clothing brand name ideas are surely going to be your favorite ones.

51. Baby Couture

52. Happy Baby

53. Kiddos Corner

54. Catwalk Juniors Clothing

55. Little Sprouts

56. Blossoming Baby

57. Kids In Fashionland

58. Adorable Stuff

59. Flex Kids Clothing

60. The Fancy

Teenage Clothing Brand Names Ideas

Teenagers enjoy dressing up for different occasions and frequently purchase new dresses. They may be the ideal source of revenue for companies who sell clothes. We must give our fashion brand a catchy name to them in our line of clothing. Here, are the list of teenage clothing brand name ideas that you may prefer.

61. Fashion Forward Teens

62. Fashionable Youth

63. The Fashion Spot for Teens

64. Youthful Vibes

65. Teen Boutique

66. Trendy Teenagers

67. Teen Xpress

68. Youth Couture

69. YoungVogue

70. Teenage Runway

Urban Clothing Brand Names Ideas

Urban clothing brand name ideas are highly referred by those person who wants a name that is creative as well as a name that reflects the past time.

71. Limitless

72. Artful Attire

73. Urban Legend

74. Timeless

75. Urban Avenue

76. The Seasonal

77. The Knit

78. OldFashioned

79. Sunny Stock

80. Credible Dress Collection

Cute Clothing Brand Names Ideas

However, people prefer short and cute brand name ideas instead of fashion brands with the longest names. So, by analyzing that here we have gathered the cute clothing line names.

81. Angel Threads

82. Endless Choice

83. Allure Looks

84. Dressify

85. Stash Clothing

86. Fashion Bug

87. Clothes Mentor

88. Modern Walk

89. Love For Fashion

90. For All

Fitness Clothing Brand Name Ideas

Fitness clothing brand names are catchy, simple, and creative. Here are some names of fitness clothing brands that you may like.

91. Limitless Sportswear

92. Comfortable Acceptable

93. Simple Shoe

94. Sport Legends

95. Sharp Clothing

96. Fine Casualwear

97. Sports Atmosphere

98. PowerFlex

99. MotionGear

100. Champions Wear

Exotic Clothing Brand Names Ideas

This block will help you to find some exotic clothing brand names that are a popular way to make a name stand out in the fashion world. However, these names are easy to say, and remember. So, without wasting any time, have a look below.

101. Designer Fashion Gallery

102. Adorably Whimsical

103. Dressed For Sucess

104. This Is Fashion

105. The Colorful Closet

106. Enchante Clothing

107. Boho Emerald

108. Exotic Elegance

109. Waterlust Wear

110. Sahara Style

Vintage Clothing Brand Names Ideas

All the vintage clothing brand names are used to bring back the charm of the past. Generally, vintage businesses offer a unique shopping experience that takes customers to a pastime. When it comes to naming your vintage clothing brand you can go through the lists given below.

111. The Vintage Closet

112. Antique Wardrobe

113. Thrift It

114. Treasures Infinity

115. Fashion from Beyond

116. Old World Wonders

117. Dashing Duds

118. The Retro Revival

119. Classic Charm

120. Vintage Visions

Luxury Clothing Brand Names Ideas

Names for luxury brands convey wealth, exclusivity, and elegance. These brands are well-known for serving anything from modern to traditional fashion firms. Thus, below are some of the luxury clothing brand name ideas that you may prefer.

121. Choice

122. Inspire Luxury

123. Lux Touch

124. Fab Option

125. Glamour Sense

126. Knit Future

127. Meta Vogue

128. The Luxury Group

129. Weave Logic

130. The Brand Club

Best Clothing Brand Names Ideas

These clothing brand names are a great way for you if you are deciding to have a fashion house.

131. Dress to Impress

132. The Fashion Mall

133. The Right Choice

134. Flawless Galore

135. Crazy Outfitters

136. Dress for Less

137. Express Yourself

138. X-Change

139. Backyard Clothes

140. Fashion Bites

Funny Clothing Brand Names Ideas

Occasionally, using clever clothing brand names like the ones below is the greatest approach to connecting with a target demographic.

141. Funny Fits

142. Cash This

143. Punny Prints

144. Silly Styles

145. Cheeky-Chic

146. Fashion Funnies

147. Laugh Outfit Laugh

148. Comic Couture

149. Giggle Grab

150. Laughable Labels

Beach Clothing Brand Names Ideas

When you plan to start a beach fashion clothing brand, the main thing you should focus on is the brand name. That’s the name through which you are going to introduce yourself in the market. So, to make it easier to choose here we have some of the beach clothing brand names.

151. Blue Bubble Beach Store

152. Stay Beach Store

153. Paradise Gold Shop

154. Beach Boutique

155. Beachtique

156. Swim Style

157. Vacation Beachwear

158. Splash and Swimwear

159. Sails Beachwear

160. SplashBox Store

Minimalist Clothing Brand Names Ideas

Do you want to launch a minimalist company but are at a loss for a name? If so, this post is for you. Here you will find minimalist clothing brand names that you can use for your own business.

161. Minimal Designs

162. The Minimalist Fashionhouse

163. Less Is More

164. Focus Your Attention

165. Minimal Design Hub

166. Embrace Elegance

167. Clean Fashion

168. Entirely Minimalistic

169. Minimalist Boutique

170. Basic Touch

Maternity Clothing Brand Names Ideas

Creating a maternity clothing line is an exciting way to support new mothers in feeling fashionable and at ease during their journey. Maternity clothing needs to be stylish, and practical at the same time. Here is the list of brand name ideas for the maternity clothing brand.

171. Happy Motherhood Group

172. Pregnancy Style

173. Girl Magic

174. Maternity Queen

175. Maternity Fashion Heaven

176. Mommy’s Comfort Closet

177. Bump and Glow

178. Bump Chic

179. Fashionable Mommas

180. Tummy Togs

Men’s Clothing Brand Names Ideas

Men’s clothing is not as well-known in the market as women’s, even though the men’s apparel market is rather large. However, you can invest your menswear business in a unique brand name as it attracts a large market area. Here, are some men’s clothing brand names.

181. Men Corner

182. Royal Fits

183. Menshion

184. Manhood

185. Handsome Fashion Hub

186. Guy’s Choice

187. Modish Man

188. Glory Men

189. Rough Boss

190. Menfluence

Female’s Clothing Brand Names Ideas

In today’s market, there are lots of clothing brands that are specially for girls as they are fond of changing their outfits. As this market is booming at a speed, you need to have an attractive name that can easily attract them to your store. Thus, here are some of the names given below.

191. Glamour Clothes

192. Selection Boutique

193. Elegant Elegance

194. Figure it Out

195. Ravishing Roses

196. Graceful Threads

197. Females Place

198. Girl Power

199. Fascinating Women

200. Lovely Garments