Ben Dunne parents: Meet Ben Dunne & Nora Maloney

A Glimpse into the Lives of Ben Dunne Sr. and Nora Maloney

The story of Ben Dunne, the Irish businessman known for his significant role in Dunnes Stores, is intertwined with the rich history of his family.

Ben Dunne Sr.: Founder and Chairman of Dunnes Stores

The patriarch of the Dunne family, Ben Dunne Sr., was born as Bernard Dunn in the village of Rostrevor in County Down, Ireland, in 1908. He was the eldest son of Margaret (née Byrne) and Barney Dunn, a businessman. The family’s entrepreneurial spirit was evident, as Ben Dunne Sr.’s father inherited the Woodside Restaurant Temperance Refreshment Rooms and an auctioneering firm. Meanwhile, his mother, Margaret, ran a successful drapery business and later ventured into a shipping agency.

Nora Maloney: A Love Story at Roches Stores

Nora Maloney, Ben Dunne Sr.’s future wife, played a significant role in the family’s narrative.

Nora worked as a drapery assistant at Roches Stores in Cork, where fate would bring her and Ben Dunne Sr. together in the late 1930s. Their love story blossomed against the backdrop of the retail world, laying the groundwork for a partnership that would shape the destiny of Dunnes Stores.

Family Ties: Raising Six Children

Ben Dunne Sr. and Nora Maloney’s union resulted in a family of six children, with Ben Dunne Jr. being one of their offspring. Together, they navigated the complexities of family life while contributing to the growth of Dunnes Stores, creating a legacy that would endure for generations.