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Rolf Harris was an Australian musician, singer-songwriter, painter, and television personality who lived from 30 March 1930 until 10 May 2023.

He frequently performed with strange instruments; he played the didgeridoo and the stylophone, and he is credited with creating the wobbling board.

In 2014, Harris was found guilty in England of sexually assaulting four minors, ultimately ending his career.

Bindi Harris Family

Bindi Harris, the lone child of Rolf Harris, is married to Craig Nicholls. Malcolm Cox and Bindi previously had a committed relationship.

Bindi shares her son Marlon Cox with Malcolm. Her relationship with Cox, however, came to an end as a result of her support for her father.

Bindi Harris Book

In her book “Living With A Pervert,” Rolf Harris’ daughter discusses living with her sex offender father.

Bindi Harris Age

She is 59 years old.

Bindi Harris Now

She is married and living with her husband.

Bindi Harris Wiki

The only child of Rolf Harris and his wife Alwen Hughes, Bindi Harris was born on March 10, 1964. She was born in the UK and spent her formative years in Berkshire, England.

Bindi became an abstract painter in the same artistic vein as her father. She received training in her skill at an art college, and she had some success selling her artwork in a number of galleries.