Connor Whitehead Obituary: Shot Dead, Murder Trial and Verdict Charges

Connor Whitehead obituary was released in 2021. His case update has shown that two men were found guilty of manslaughter of Connor. Here’s what we know.

Connor Whitehead was a young boy from New Zealand. He was a kind, talented and deeply loyal kid close to his family.

But his death news left everyone shocked when it was announced in 2021. The 16-year-old boy was shot dead outside a birthday Party in Christchurch.

Connor suffered serious wounds to the front of his body, and his shocked friends tried to perform emergency first aid on Whitehead, who lay bleeding in the front yard while 111 was being called.

A new case update has been given regarding Connor’s murder, but before that, let’s explore his obituary.

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Connor Whitehead Obituary: Shot Dead

Connor Whitehead’s obituary was released in 2021 after he was shot dead outside a birthday Party in Christchurch. In November 2021, he was at a 15th birthday Party and fireworks in the northern suburb of Casebrook.

Whitehead was enjoying himself with friends. But as the night modeled on, it was believed that some uninvited guests had gatecrashed, and there was a sanity that the Party was going out of control.

Reportedly, a parent was called to come along and try to calm things down. At about 11 pm, an altercation is alleged to have happened outside the Heaphy Place property. A man has then driven into the quiet cul-de-sac and fired multiple times, possibly at random.

During that time, there were some groups of people outside. Whitehead was one of them who was not believed to be involved in any stir, but he was shot.

Due to that, he suffered serious injuries to the front of his body. Following that, emergency services were called. Armed Police officers who were on the scene tried to save Whitehead.

Ten minutes later, St John arrived on the scene, but the boy who was shot was pronounced dead. 

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Connor Whitehead Murder Trial and Verdict Charges

Connor Whitehead was murdered in 2021, and following that, Operation Stack was launched, along with a hunt for the killers. Later, a 32-year-old man was arrested after a three-hour standoff with armed Police. 

It is said that the arrested man was the one who pulled the trigger. After that, the man was charged with murder. Later, the case continued, and Police were also investigating the murder case actively.

Recently, a report showed that Daniel Nelson Sparks and Joshua David Craig Smith are charged with murdering the 16-year-old boy.

In the recent court appearance, their lawyers told the jury their clients had selected not to call or give any evidence. The jury then heard the closing addresses from the Crown and both guys’ lawyers before Justice Melanie Harland.

Following that, the duo pleaded not guilty to the charges before the trial started. Joshua accepted it was his fault and that he was responsible for Whitehead’s passing, but that it was manslaughter, not murder. 

As we know, they were unanimous in their verdict. Also, some family members cried in reaction to the verdict. Now, the murderers will be sentenced on August 4, 2023. 

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