Fans Say Heidi Gardner Teeth Are Huge: Everything We Know About Her Braces And More

Does Heidi Gardner wear braces? Tune in to find out.

Heidi Gardner is an actress, writer, and comedian who is well known for her role as Shelly in ‘That’s Watson’s!’. Likewise, she has 34 acting credits under her name.

Some of her works are Crank Yankers, Close Enough, Superstore, Mike Tyson Mysteries, Otherhood, American Dad!, Super Mansion, The Other Two, and many more.

Apart from being a talented actress, Heidi is also a talented voiceover artist. In fact, she has lent her voice as Tuva Van Void in the TV Series ‘Alien News Desk’.

In this article, you will get an insight into Heidi’s life. Let us learn about the actress in detail.

Fans Say Heidi Gardner Teeth Are Huge

Being a public figure has its own pros and cons. You are recognized for your talents and good work, and every single detail about you is under scrutiny.

People look at your clothes, your shoes, and the house you live in. You are judged for speaking, and at the same time, you are judged for being silent. Not only your clothes and shoes are judged but your hair and makeup are also in the limelight.

Likewise, Heidi has been in the spotlight for a long time, and the public is very curious about her teeth. Some have passed mean comments while some have always supported her.

No matter what the fans say, Heidi looks perfect the way she is.

Does Heidi Gardner Still Have Her Braces On?

Heidi Gardner does not have her braces on currently. However, it is believed that she wears Invisalign.

Talking about Invisalign, it is an orthodontic treatment that uses clear aligners instead of metal braces to straighten teeth. It is custom-made and covers your teeth. They are less visible than typical metal braces because they are clear and can be taken on and off.

Moving on, different Reddit discussions about whether Heidi is wearing Invisalign or not can be found on the internet.

Since Heidi is yet to comment on this topic, no conclusion can be made.

Learn More About Heidi Gardner

Heidi Gardner’s age is 38 years old. She was born on July 27, 1983, and her bio has already been published on Wikipedia.

Heidi is currently working as one of the cast members of Saturday Night Live (SNL). In fact, she joined SNL in 2017.

Gardner is also active on Instagram as @heidilgardner.