First Dates Star Cici Coleman Was Hospitalized Following Illness During Bali Holiday

Was Cici Coleman vaccinated? Fans are concerned after she shared a photo of herself lying on a hospital bed in Bali. Continue reading the article to learn more about the star.

Cici Coleman rose to prominence following her role in First Dates. Furthermore, she is no stranger to television, having appeared in two short films, Beautiful Girls and Sleep and Essex Vendetta.

She was starred alongside Danniella Westbrook, Michael McKell, Kris Johnson, and Eddie Webber in Essex Vendetta.

Was Cici Coleman Vaccinated? First Dates Star Is Hospitalized In Bali

Fans of Cici Coleman are wondering if she was vaccinated or not after seeing her hospitalized in Bali. The first date star may be vaccinated, but she has not disclosed any specifics about the vaccination.

Furthermore, she is not being hospitalized because of covid; she explained that she has Bali Belly. Bali Belly is also known as traveler’s diarrhea and is a common illness among visitors to the country.

It is frequently detected early in a trip, and symptoms include stomach cramps, diarrhea, vomiting, body aches, and pains. She is currently laying in a hospital somewhere in Bali.

“There’s so much bacteria in all of the food here that it’s thrown me for a loop. I’m just hydrating on a drip and hoping to be back to normal soon,” she wrote.

The actress, who starred as a waitress in Channel 4’s First Dates, has jetted off to Bali for a vacation of self-discovery and improvement. Cici told fans at the beginning of the year that she was looking forward to a “year of growth” and made a list of her goals for the year ahead.

Unfortunately, she is now stuck in bed, hooked up in a drip.

She updated her fans in her Instagram story where she writes, “thank you for the messages.’ I’m feeling a lot better now that I’ve had the drip. ‘Relaxing and unwinding.’

Does Cici Coleman Have A Partner Or Boyfriend?

Cici Coleman announced on Instagram that she has finally found the perfect partner in March 2021. I’ve dated absolutely arsehole, but some have been lovely ones, however, I’ve learned lessons from each of them,’ she tells the reporter.

She never revealed her partner’s name, but she appeared to be very excited to share her life journey with him.

Coleman kept gushing about how ‘amazed’ she is with her new man and has unbelievable foundations for something beautiful in the future.

She went on to say that she didn’t put anything on Universe about the things she likes to have on a guy. However, from her previous relationship, she was well aware of what she didn’t want.

‘And this guy appeared, and he just keeps appearing in all the right places, she continues to say. “It’s not that he keeps knocking on my door!”

However, there is no recent post about him on her Instagram. This has led to speculation among her fans that they may have broken up.

We will provide you with additional information about her partner as soon as she makes her relationship status public.

How Old And Tall Is Cici Coleman, First Date Star- Instagram Photos

Cici Coleman, the first date star is five feet five inches tall and has a weight of around 53kgs. We can follow her on Instagram to explore her amazing body and photos.

She is recently in Bali, and her bikini shoots on the beach enticed all of her fans to follow her there. Cici has also been posting a slew of bikini-clad photos from her travels.

The First Dates waitress raised the temperature as she posed for a sizzling mirror selfie in a skimpy pink two-piece.

Cici slipped into a busty grey bikini and smiled for the camera as she swam in her luxurious pool at the five-star hotel Karma Kandara.