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“He landed his first US TV music show, “Jamie Foxx: Unpredictable,” set to be televised on NBC on January 25, 2006, as his second song, “Unpredictable,” Jamie Foxx quickly discovered the highlight of his singing career, growing to take the top spot on The Billboard 200, then directing him to become the fourth Academy Award candidate and making a number one album o. o. o. With roles in a string of high-profile film performances, including “Miami Vice” (2006),

“Dreamgirls” (2006), “Damage Control” (2007), “The Kingdom” (2007), plus “Blood on the Leaves” as one of the speakers at the coveted 63rd annual Golden Globe Awards on January 16, 2007, this charismatic star is predicted to proceed to deliver another performance (2007).

He was appointed Eric Morlon Bishop in Terrell, Texas, on December 13, 1967, and is referred to by people as the American actor Jamie Foxx. Let Foxx be adopted by her parents, Mark and Esther Talley, in order to leave her boyfriend, his mother Loise, when he was just seven months old. At the age of three, at the urging of his grandma, Foxx, who was able to play the piano, initiated his first piano lessons.

As he was growing up, Foxx went to high school, played quarterback for his high school squad, and he was successful enough to gain press from Dallas newspapers. He moved on to college and entered Julliard in order to begin learning music, to learn classical piano, where he received a music scholarship. Foxx spent two years studying at the United States International University, which is now known as the Alliant International University, from 1986 to 1988, following graduation.

His passion for music eventually resulted in his first solo album “Peep This” released in 1994, before he performed the theme song for his movie “Any Given Sunday.” in 1999. Music aside, Foxx, who was so good at cracking tales that he was used as a compliment by his instructor in the second grade, has just set up his career by being a stand up comic. Since a girlfriend of his had convinced him to do so, he created his first appearance on stage in 1989. And so Foxx came to the Comedy Club and took the term ‘androgynous’ because he learned that on open stage evenings, women had a micro-time preference. “Roc”Roc”In Living Color”In Living Colour (1990).