How did Jerry Richardson make his money? Did Jerry Richardson own Hardee’s?

Former Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson passed away. The group posted news of his passing on Twitter.

Richardson started the Carolina Panthers as an expansion team in 1993, even though the team’s first season wasn’t until 1995. He was ultimately forced to sell the organization in 2017.

Jerry Richardson won the NFL title in 1959 while playing for the Baltimore Colts. He became the first former player to hold the position of the owner since the legendary George Halas.

How did Jerry Richardson make his money?

Jerry Richardson primarily profited from the fast food sector. He started his entire empire in 1959 with money from an NFL bonus check. In 1993, toward the end of his career, he and a number of investors paid the NFL $206 million to establish the Carolina Panthers, which increased his riches.

Richardson’s engagement in the food industry helped him amass millions of dollars in the business world.

Did Jerry Richardson own Hardee’s?

With the aid of his buddy and former Wofford quarterback Charles Bradshaw, Richardson used his 1959 NFL championship money to open the first Hardee’s location in Spartanburg after his NFL career.

In the end, the two shared ownership of Hardee’s restaurant. With his hands-on leadership, the company grew quickly.