How Much Was David Walliams Paid On Britain’s Got Talent?

The world of talent shows is often a hotbed of excitement, drama, and jaw-dropping paychecks. The latest buzz in the entertainment world revolves around none other than Bruno Tonioli and his reported “8-figure pay packet” for joining the Britain’s Got Talent judging panel. This revelation has sent shockwaves through the show and left some of its long-standing judges contemplating their future on the program.

Bruno Tonioli, renowned for his expertise in dance and as a judge on Strictly Come Dancing, is set to replace former judge David Walliams for the 16th series of Britain’s Got Talent. This casting decision, while exciting for fans, has also stirred up controversy behind the scenes. It’s reported that Bruno’s astronomical salary became a point of contention among the panel, particularly Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon.

A source within ITV disclosed that Amanda and Alesha were understandably upset when reports surfaced suggesting that Bruno Tonioli was being offered a higher paycheck than them. The two seasoned judges, with nearly three decades of combined experience on the show, felt that this pay disparity was unjust. The insider stated, “Both were fully prepared to walk if, as women, they were paid less than the men. It actually wasn’t about the money, more the principle. They wanted to strike out for women in the industry and ensure parity across the financial board.”

The standoff reached a critical point just hours before the show’s auditions began. However, ITV executives managed to intervene and reach an agreement that appeased Amanda and Alesha. Bruno Tonioli’s fee for his stint on the show was reportedly a staggering £850,000.

Reports from December 2022 indicated that Amanda Holden earned £700,000 per series, while Alesha Dixon received £450,000 for their roles on Britain’s Got Talent. In contrast, Simon Cowell commanded £2.5 million, and David Walliams earned £1.5 million. Nevertheless, it appears that Alesha and Amanda were able to negotiate pay increases to align more closely with their male counterparts.

A spokesperson for Britain’s Got Talent commented on the situation, stating, “Simon, Amanda, Alesha, and Ant and Dec were delighted to welcome Bruno to the Britain’s Got Talent family yesterday for the first day of auditions for 2023. The opening day’s contestants featured some fantastic auditions, and the rapport between the judges – including newcomer Bruno – was fun and immediate. This bodes well for a very successful new series.”

David Walliams, who previously occupied a judge’s seat on the show, departed following the leak of derogatory comments he had made about contestants in 2020. In light of his departure, there were rumors suggesting that Amanda’s close friend, Alan Carr, might step in as his replacement.

As the drama surrounding Bruno Tonioli’s paycheck simmers down, it’s clear that Britain’s Got Talent remains a show that constantly evolves, bringing together a diverse panel of judges with their own unique flair and perspectives. With Bruno’s expertise in dance and a fresh perspective, fans can anticipate an exciting new season ahead.