How old was Bridget Regan in Legend of the Seeker? What movies did Bridget Regan play in?

Regan has been a popular face in both television and film since 2006. Her breakthrough came in 2008, when she was cast as Kahlan Amnell in Legend of the Seeker, a TV version of Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth trilogy. Her portrayal of the strong Mother Confessor drew a devoted following.

Regan, who is originally a redhead, changed her appearance for the job by dying her hair dark. She demonstrated her flexibility by creating Camp Wanatachi, a musical that ran successfully at New York’s La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club in 2009.

Regan won a starring role in the upcoming television series The Frontier in 2012. However, the show did not make it past the pilot stage. Undaunted, she continued to make memorable television appearances.

She appeared in the fifth season of the USA Network criminal thriller White Collar as Rebecca Lowe and Rachel Turner in 2013. Her portrayal of Neal Caffrey’s love interest left an indelible imprint. During the same year, she began a multi-episode arc in the series Beauty & the Beast, as Alex, Vincent Keller’s ex-fiancée.

How old was Bridget Regan in Legend of the Seeker?

February 3, 1982, marked Bridget Regan’s birth. From 2008 to 2010, the television program “Legend of the Seeker” was broadcast. If we take this into account, Bridget Regan’s age during the run of the program would have been between 26 and 28.

What movies did Bridget Regan play in?

Bridget Regan has starred in these movies:

  • Christmas Getaway
  • John Wick
  • Devil’s Gate
  • Magic Stocking
  • The Leisure Class
  • Murder in Manhattan
  • Hide
  • Agent Carter
  • The Frontier
  • Weak
  • The Best and the Brightest
  • The Babysitters
  • Sex and the City
  • Blinders
  • Things Like This
  • Supreme Courtships
  • The Verdict
  • Escapada Navideña