How To Open A Guaranty Trust Bank Account Outside Nigeria

Now you can open a Guaranty Trust Bank Account even when you are not based in Nigeria as GT Bank has made account opening seamless and easy.

To open an account with the bank follow the steps below:

1. Download and complete the GTBank Account Opening Form which can be downloaded online (click here to download form online from GTBank official website) a relative in Nigeria can also get the form and scan it to you from any GT Bank branch.

2. You would need a Passport Photograph that shows your face.

3. An original copy of any National means of Identification (International passport, Valid National Driver’s license or National Identity Card)

4. A Copy of any of the following:

a.Duly filled Banker’s Confirmation form

b. Utility bill issued within the last three months for the address stated on the form (to be confirmed by the Nigerian embassy if foreign).

c. Bank or Credit statement issued within the last three months showing customer address.

5.  Two References


Note the following:

1. For your application to be valid and treated, all identification documents must be issued/ bear a date that is within the last three months, and utility bills (if foreign) must be notarized by a notary public, sighted at the Nigerian Embassy or by an officer at GTBank in the UK.

2. If its a Joint account, kindly attach a notarized copy of your marriage certificate.

3. Non Resident Nigerians who have Current accounts with Guaranty Trust Bank UK do not need references to open the Nigerian account.