Inside Maxmoefoe Relationship With His Girlfriend Katherine Foxx

Maxmoefoe and his girlfriend Katherine Foxx are dating for more than seven years. Maxmoefoe first met Katherine in 2015.

Maxmoefoe is a famous comedian and vlogger from Australia known for his gaming vlogs and prank videos.

He has four active channels on YouTube and frequently posts new content for his subscribers. His girlfriend, Katherine, has appeared several times in his videos on his YouTube channel.

Katherine and Maxmoefoe have uploaded multiple pictures of themselves on social media. They appear to be having a good time together.

On February 25, 2016, he admitted that Katharine is the lady he loves. He said he had a wonderful time with her when traveling to Japan.

He is available on the Instagram platform with the username @maxmoefoeofficial. In the verified Instagram account, Maxmoefoe has gathered over 771k followers and over 1270 total posts.

Maxmoefoe Girlfriend Katherine Foxx Is an Australian Flight Attendant

Maxmoefoe is dating his beautiful girlfriend Katherine Fox since 2015.

Maxmoefoe frequently features his girlfriend, Katherine Foxx, in his YouTube videos and on other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

They have a great bond as they are seen on social media traveling together in different locations.

In 2015, he publicly announced his relationship with his partner Katharine. He tweeted a photo of himself and his girlfriend, Katharine, on Valentine’s Day in 2016 with the caption “Happy Valentines.”

The pair has been together since 2015 and have a great relationship as they talk to each other.

Per the uploaded image on Instagram, Max and Katharine talked on the phone for eight hours straight. It appears Maxmoefoe and Katherine love to spend a lot of time together.

The duo is adorable together and has taken a trip to Japan. Katherine makes up for it by periodically posting pictures of herself with her future spouse.

The couple appears to have a good time together and has gone skydiving, dinner dates, and shopping.

One can explore Katherine on her Instagram handle with her username @foxkatt. Foxx has uploaded over 169 posts and has accumulated over 26k followers on her Instagram.

Maxmoefoe And Katherine Foxx Relationship

Katharine Foxx and Maxmoefoe made their first appearance on social media and surprised their followers with their relationship news.

Most people know Katharine Foxx for her work as a social media celebrity. She became well-known on Instagram due to her relationship with the renowned YouTuber Maxmoefoe.

Maxmoefoe and his girlfriend Katharine take advantage of their time together by playing thumb fight games or taking a polaroid of themselves.

She frequently talks about the difficulties of being in a long-distance relationship, as her profession is quite mobile and requires her to be gone a lot of the time.

The pair are constantly held close in their arms on holidays like Valentine’s Day, the New Year, and birthdays. Katharine and Max marked their second anniversary on November 13, 2017.

The duo uploads videos to Stanley channels. Although they originally crossed paths at Steel Blue Oval in 2010, the couple has been dating since 2015.

Max’s girlfriend works as an air hostess for Qantas, an Australian private airline. Katharine has published several photos while wearing her business attire, but she has never revealed the name of her working organization.

But after a brief investigation, an online source discovered that Katharine Foxx was employed by “Qantas.”

He dated Xantina James for five years before to Katherine. Maxmoefoe’s sexuality is questioned despite being in an open relationship with two women because of his uploaded tweets.

Katherine posted an adorable photo on her Instagram account before she met her partner. On February 20, 2013, she posted a photo of herself sitting on a woman’s lap and kissing her lips.