Irie Jane Gibbs, Facts To Know About Freddie Gibbs Daughter

Freddie Gibbs is a star rapper and a proud father of a baby daughter, Irie Jane Gibbs.

Freddrick Jaeml Tipton, professionally known as Freddie Gibbs, is an American rapper. Freddie was born in Gary, Indiana, and is popular among the audience for his hit songs like Baby Face Killa. The rapper entered the world of rap in 2004 and is actively releasing new bops.

Freddie has four albums of his own and four albums with other artists. He was also a grammy nominated artist for best rap album at the 63rd Grammy Awards. The rapper might have a solid outer presence, but he is a real softy regarding his daughter.

Freddie is not just a true rap icon but an iconic father, too, as he loves his daughter more than anything and prioritizes her happiness the most. He believes his daughter is a pure blessing for her, although he loves his elder son regardless.

Freddie has a son from his previous marriage and an adorable daughter, Irie Jane Gribb, in 2015. Freddie has always loved his children and takes them as his most significant support. The rapper is close to his children but has shown more affection toward his baby girl.

Quick Facts about Freddie Gibbs

Full Name Fredrick Jamel Tipton
Stage Name Freddie Gibbs
Date of Birth June 14, 1982
Birthplace Gary, Indiana, USA
Age 40 year
Years Active 2004-present
Children 2

Who Is Irie Jane Gibbs? Freddie Gibbs’ Daughter

Irie Jane Gibbs is the one and only daughter of Freddie Gibbs and Erica Dickerson.

She is the only child but has a half-brother from her father. Freddie and Erica were engaged before giving birth to their angel on April 25th, 2015. However, after the birth of Irie, her parents split a while later.

Irie Jane Gibbs is just seven years old and is a model herself. With her beautiful and adorable features, she can quickly swoon anyone’s heart. It is not surprising as she belongs to a super-popular family of artists, athletes, and many more.

While her father is a rapper, her maternal grandfather is a professional NFL player and is included in the NFL Hall of Fame.

Irie is a pampered child, and her family immensely loves her. Freddie has always shared his love for his daughter by posting on Instagram since her birth. Before Irie was born, he posted, “About to have the biggest moment of my life.”

Facts To Know About Freddie Gibb’s Daughter Irie Jane Gibbs

  1. Irie Jane Gibbs’s age is just seven; she was born on April 25, 2015.
  2. Freddie’s daughter is close to both parents and loves to spend time with them as they opt for co-parenting.
  3. However, in 2020 Erica filed for custody and child support in court for her daughter. She pledged the court to support her to get her daughter back from American rapper Freddie Gibbs.
  4. At such a young age, the little girl has already turned into a model and does different photoshoots.
  5. Erica Dickerson is Freddie Gibbs’s ex-fiance and Irie Jane Gibbs’s mother.
  6. Erica, the mother of Irie, is the daughter of legendary NFL player Eric Dickerson and is a successful model who earns a decent living doing modeling.
  7. The model mom Erica is also the face and CEO of a renowned brand, Beauty Blender. She loves spending time with her little girl and clicking pictures of her.
  8. Irie Jane Gibbs is a single child but has a half-brother about whom no information is provided, but he was born from a previous relationship with Freddie Gibbs.
  9. Unlike Irie, her brother stays far from the limelight and public eye for personal concerns and privacy issues.
  10. The seven-year-old is frequently captured and posted on her mother’s Instagram. There she loves posting her daughter’s adorable pictures and sharing bits of her life with the audience.

Some FAQs

When was Irie Jane Gibbs born?

Irie Jane Gibbs was born on 25th April, 2015

Who are Irie Jane Gibbs parents?

Freddie Gibbs and Eric Dickerson are the parents of Irie Jane Gibbs

Does Freddie Gibbs has children?

Freddie Gibbs has two children, a son and a daughter.

Where was Freddie Gibbs born?

Freddie was born on June 14, 1982 in Gary, Indiana