Is Ezra Miller Trans? Tokata Iron Eyes Accusing Ezra Of Running A Cult In Iceland

Ezra Matthew Miller openly talks about his sexuality as he is a trans-non-binary. Miller said all this in the video of their arrest, obtained by TMZ, reported People.

Born in New Jersey, Ezra Miller is a renowned face in the Hollywood industry since he has been portrayed in multiple blockbuster movies and films. Miller’s career on the big screen began in 2008 with Antonio Campos’ Afterschool as a teenager at a boarding school.

Before that, he appeared in a short role in Cakey! The Cake From Outer Space (2006) and Critical Hit (2007).

IMDb claimed that the actor Ezra has performed in more than 35 projects.

Warner Bros has revealed that it no longer plans to release the $90 million Batgirl film, which Miller is not associated with. Because of their ongoing allegations over these years of assault, erratic behavior with partygoers in Hawaii, and the alleged grooming of underaged kids, including Tokata Iron Eyes, an 18-year-old from North Dakota.

Is The Flash Actor Ezra Miller Transgender?

People disclosed that the flash cast Ezra Miller confessed as a transgender non-binary when Miller corrected the cops for saying, Sir. They said please, don’t call me a sir. Miller prefers to use the pronoun they or them.

In 2012, Ezra came out as a “queer.” However, he refused to use the term, Queer.

In March 2022, Miller was taken into custody in Hawaii following an alleged physical altercation with patrons at a karaoke bar. He faced two felon charges of disorderly conduct and physical harassment.

Letting you know, Ezra’s celebrated actor dropped out of school at age 16.

Tokata Iron Eyes’s Parents Accused Ezra Miller Of Running A Cult In Iceland

The BAFTA-awarded actor Ezra, 29, who uses they or them pronouns, faced allegations of running a cult in Iceland and grooming minors.

The name of the 18-year-old Tokata Iron Eyes, an American activist, has been linked to Miller since their relationship started in 2011. It has been an issue for Tokato’s parents. As per Business Insider, Tokata’s mother accused Miller of trying to groom her 11-year-old child.

Since 2022, Ezra has become the subject of controversies of multiple charges of disorderly conduct and assault, resulting in them staying behind the bar and allegations of grooming minors.

Ezra Miller Grooming Allegations For Grooming Minors

Recently, the allegation was made by Tokata’s mom against Ezra Miller for grooming minors.

As per Independent UK, While visiting the Standing Rock Reservation during protests to stop the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, Miller initially met the Chase Iron Eyes family in 2016. The family of Tokata is in fear that his daughter is being controlled and manipulated by Ezra Miller.

Mr. Iron Eyes, now 44, accused Miller of grooming Tokata since she was 12 and offering them psychedelic drugs, including LSD, ketamine, cannabis, and alcohol, for years.

The recent accusation Ezra faced of leading a cult and grooming minors has been the talk of the town. He is not under custody as of now, following the charges.