Is There An Age Limit To See Dave Chappelle? How Long Is Dave Chappelle’s Show?

The Dave Chapelle show is usually not appropriate for most kids, except for teenagers and adults.

Adults will laugh themselves silly at Chappelle’s edgy satire and knowing social commentary, but it’s the kind of humor that pushes the proverbial envelope to the absolute.

It’s only for the fearless, and inspire of that many teens love the show.

The show opens with Chappelle being introduced over the instrumental from the song “Hip-Hop”, from the album Let’s Get Free by Dead Prez.

Chappelle performs a short stand up in front of a live audience. The focus then shifts to a prerecorded sketch.

The show is notorious for its handling of the topic of sexuality and Chappelle’s casual usage of racial epithets.

Chappelle performed sketches that premiered intricate cultural topics, such as prostitution, the entertainment industry, gun violence, numerous drug references (particularly marijuana, alcohol, PCP, crystal meth and crack cocaine) and music.

The show sometimes ends with a musical performance by a hip hop or soul artist.

How Long Is Dave Chappelle’s Show?

The Chapelle’s Show usually lasts for 90 minutes.

The series premiered on January 22, 2003, on the American cable television network Comedy Central.

The show ran for two complete seasons. An abbreviated third season of three episodes aired in 2006, compiled of previously unreleased sketches.