Jesse Powell Sisters Trina Powell and Tamara Powell Are Also Singers

Jesse Powell’s sisters are the urban duo, Trina and Tamara Powell. These musical artists hail from Gary, Indiana.

Born on September 12, 1971, Jesse rose to prominence after releasing his song “You,” which ranked No. 2 in R&B and No.10 on the Billboard Hot 100.

The Powell family used to perform in local talent shows. During their performance in Kansas City, producer Carl Roland was impressed by Jesse’s singing. Following this, Louil Silas signed him to his Silas Records imprint, which became a breakthrough in his career.

Before going further, here are some details about the musical artist.

Quick Facts:

Name Jesse Powell
Date of Birth September 12, 1971
Age 51 years old
Birthplace Gary, Indiana, United States
Profession Singer
Genres R&B, Soul, Blues
Labels MCA, Riviera/Liquid 8
Siblings Trina, Tamara and Jacob
Net Worth $2 million

Jesse Powell Sisters Trina Powell and Tamara Powell

Trina Powell and Tamara Powell are the younger sisters of Jesse Powell.

They formed an American contemporary R&B group, Trina & Tamara, in the late 1990s and came into the public eye after the song “My Love Is the Shhh!” by Somethin’ for the People. The song reached the position of number 4 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Trina Powell

Trina Powell was born on April 18, 1974, in Gary, Indiana, United States. She became 48 years old in 2022 and is three years younger than her brother.

She became famous after forming a duo with her sister, who supported her throughout these years of her musical career. In 2016, the sisters came out with the good news that they were working on an autobiographical book titled The Sisterfriend Journey, published on March 15, 2017.

The book was concerned with portraying the musical journey of the sisters and their relationship as sisters, songwriters, and women.

Tamara Powell

Tamara Powell is an integral part of an American contemporary R&B group that has been active since the 1990s.

She looks like she is in between 47 to 50 years old, judging her appearance, and she appears as an ambitious and decent lady. The duo’s only album, Trina & Tamara, which was released on May 11, 1999, ranked at #99 on the Billboard R&B chart.

The sister duo is one of the most loved groups in the music industry, and both became their biggest companions throughout their successful careers.

When her older brother, Jesse, decided to move to Los Angeles in 1990, Trina and Tamara requested him to take them along with him and made themselves recognized as session vocalists.

Quick Facts:

Group Name Trina & Tamara
Origin Gary, Indiana, United States
Genres R&B
Years Active 1990s
Labels Columbia
Members Trina Powell and Tamara Powell

Jesse Powell Wife or Girlfriend: Was He Married?

The information about Jesse Powell’s wife or girlfriend was never revealed in the media.

Jesse wanted to live a private life regarding his personal particulars. Hence he never opened up anything about his love life or married life.

As far as we have confirmed, the singer was not married and not romantically linked with anyone. Also, he was never seen publicly with any female personalities with whom he suspected to be dated.

Even though being a well-known singer, there was no gossip about Jesse’s affairs swirled on social media. So accurate information about his dating life and partner is unknown.

What Was Jesse Powell Net Worth?

According to apumone, Jesse Powell’s estimated net worth was approximately $2 million.

However, it may not be the confirmed evaluation that was based on his accomplishments throughout his successful musical career.

After attracting the attention of producer Carl Roland in Kansas City, his career took a different turn. He was also a Grammy-nominated American R&B/soul songwriter who captured listeners’ attention with his phenomenal voice.

With the release of his first single, “All I Need,” in March 1996, his fame took a notable height, reports Wikipedia. This song was written by Powell, Sam Salter, and Laney Stewart and reached position No. 32 on the Billboard R&B chart.

After getting a good response from his first album, he started working on his second album, debuting the lead single “I Wasn’t With It” in 1998, which was his first massive single hit reaching the Billboard Hot 100 (No. 85 US, No. 25 R&B).

His fourth studio album Jesse peaked at No. 85 on the Billboard R&B chart, which became his final release before he retired from the music industry.

During his entire tenure, he amazed his audience with several extraordinary hits. He worked hard, earning an impressive net worth from his profession as a singer. He made a good fortune in his career, but unfortunately, he took his last breath at the age of 51 on September 13, 2022.