Master’s Degree in UK: How to Enroll from Nigeria

The United Kingdom is one of the best countries in the world in terms of education and even economy. You will never regret schooling in this country at any level of education. The schools are of top standard and the student will benefit a great deal from them.

The fees are however on the high side and the aspiring student will have to keep this in mind, though there are scholarship opportunities. It is not difficult at all to apply to a school in the United Kingdom for master’s degree program.

Nigerian certificates are acceptable in the UK and the registration process is considerably easy. You can register directly by yourself or register via one of the agents of the institutions in Nigeria.

Up to 3,000 Nigerian students are presently studying one course or the other in the United Kingdom. Greater percentage of them is studying at the postgraduate level. Consequently, you will never feel out of place or far away from home in the UK.

London is like a second home to Nigerians.  You can study in health, social studies, law, engineering, computer science, business or any other course of your choice at postgraduate level in the UK.

Steps for admission

In order to apply for master’s degree program in the UK, you should follow the steps outlined below:

  • Find the right course: Your registration process begins with finding the right course of study. You can choose among 30,000 various courses at postgraduate level.  While choosing your course of study, never hesitate to contact the school authority for further information to determine if you are qualified for that course or not.
  • Prepare and submit the application form: After deciding on the course of study for your master’s degree program in UK, you should proceed with the application process. The process differs from one school to another. Those registering for postgraduate degree program will have to submit their application directly to their university of choice. Each of these schools has specific locations on their website where the aspiring master’s degree program student can register. You may have to link up with the school of your choice for further information on how to go about this. They are ever willing to help.
  • Check for visa eligibility: Before you start the registration process, it is very important that you find out if you are eligible for UK visa or not. This step must be sorted out first before you start applying for master’s degree program in the UK.

Entry requirements

You need to understand that the requirements are determined by the university into which you are applying. The course of study you are going for also determines what the requirements will be.

The general qualifications required are highlighted below:

  • Those applying to UK schools for master’s degree program are expected to have Upper Second Class Bachelor’s degree. This is referred to as 2:1 degree in the UK.
  • The student is equally required to have an average CGPA of 3.5 or more.
  • The results the student wants to use must have been obtained from a recognized Nigerian university.
  • Some courses do allow the student to use Lower Second Class Bachelor degree to gain entry into the UK school. This is referred to as 2:2 degree in the UK.
  • Some specific universities in the UK demand that the student must have undergone some forms of postgraduate level studies before he/she can be granted admission.
  • Virtually all the universities in the UK demand that the aspiring student sit for and pass internationally recognized English Language proficiency tests. The student can sit for IELTS or any of its equivalents and the result obtained must be submitted along with the other documents submitted during application.
  • Some schools do waive the IELTS exam if the student passed English Language at SSCE level with a minimum grade of C6. Some departments may however insist on the student sitting for IELTS exam even if he/she had A1 in English Language at SSCE level.
  • The student must score a minimum of 6.0 in the IELTS exam for him/her to be considered for admission. The accepted score may however be higher in some departments.

For further information regarding requirements by the specific university and for the specific course of study, you can contact the school authority via their email or phone numbers.

Application process

Most postgraduate programs in the UK combine both teaching and research together. Consequently, the student is able to stand his/her ground in any part of the world in his/her chosen field.

Many people are seeking for admission into master’s degree program in the UK and it is in the best interest of the student to apply early enough so as to stand the chance of being given admission.

Virtually all the universities in the UK allow aspiring students to apply for master’s degree program on their websites.  Some schools do charge application fees, while some other schools do not bother about such thing; they allow their aspiring students to register free of charges. Find out about this before you apply with any of the universities.

You need to know that many of the schools begin new master’s degree program in September. Make sure therefore that you do your registration before then. Some schools however have intakes in either January or February. You should contact the university of your choice to find out what applies to them.

Supporting documents

The important documents to be included in your application vary from one university to another. Find out from the university before you apply.

Common supporting documents are highlighted below

  • Proof of previous degree
  • Academic references
  • IELTS certificate
  • Supporting statement, stating why you want to apply for the master’s degree program in that particular school. Contact the school to find out how many words they expect in the supporting statement.
  • Curriculum Vitae / resume

Link up with your chosen university to find out if they require for other documents aside these. The documents can be attached along with your application form right online.