Meet Vocalist Mitch Lucker’s Sister Heather Bellegia Lucker

Heather Bellegua Lucker is the sister of the well-known American Vocalist, Mitch Lucker.

Heather is very popular on her social media sites, including Instagram and TikTok, where she shares her videos as an influencer.

Mitch Lucker was born on 20th October 1984, in California, U.S. He is known as the lead singer for the band called deathcore and suicide silence. He was influenced by bands including Korn, Deftones, Slayer, Slipknot, Sepultura, Pantera, Dio, Nirvana, Van Halen, and Cannibal Corpse. He was a great fan of singers, including Kurt Cobain and Ozzy Osbourne.

Lucker also made headlines because of his love for tattoos. Mitch has a wide collection of tattoos on his body, covering his arms, torso, neck, hands, fingers, and even face. He refuses to get a tattoo on the back because he says he needs to see the artwork, which would be useless if he can’t.

Quick Facts

Full name Heather Bellegia
Age 22-24 years old
Place of birth Riverside, California, United States
Profession Model, Nurse, YouTuber, Influencer
Brother Mitch Lucker
Mother Denise Lucker
Father Kip Lucker
Instagram heather_bellegia

Who Is Heather Bellegia Lucker? Meet Mitch Lucker Sister

Heather Bellegia, the sibling of the famous musical artist Mitch Lucker, is a model and a social media influencer. She is usually seen posting her photographs on her personal Instagram handle, and videos on her TikTok are also viral.

Heather has 6776 followers on her Tiktok account, which is available under the username heather_bellegia. Besides being a model, Heather Bellegia is also a health worker and has studied nursing. She also posts videos regarding her life as a health worker on her Tiktok.

Heather Bellegia Career: What Does She Do?

In one of her videos, she announced her first job in the nursing field in a Neurology Progressive unit.

Moreover, she has added that it’s a beautiful thing to save lives, and she seems proud of who she has become. Her fans and well-wishers can be seen showering her with all the love and best wishes on her new endeavor.

Heather has also posted about how she has to work hard in the hospital units doing shifts of 19 long hours some days. In her latest video, Heather has posted about how her mother raised two very different kids addressing herself and her late brother Mitch Lucker, the rockstar.

She has made a stunning video adding pictures of herself modeling and her bothering performing on stages.
Fans of both siblings have made excellent comments on the video, paying tribute to the great singer of the metal world. Many have said that Mitch was their inspiration and will forever be.

Heather believes that the two of them are twins at heart. Through her posts, we can assume that she loved her brother dearly. Mitch’s Honest and loyal fans also show love and gratitude to Heather. Heather states that Mitch was the best big brother anyone would ever have.

Heather Bellegia Age and Instagram Bio

Heather Bellegia’s age can range from 22 to 26 years old. She has not yet disclosed her actual age and birtdhay.

Heather is a runway, commercial model, and health worker. You can find her on Instagram under the username heather_bellegia.

Bellegia has got 2,602 followers on her official Instagram handle. She usually reflects on her model life and photographs from her shoot through her Instagram posts and pictures. Heather looks stunning. We can assume that she enjoys this part of her life through her photos and posts.

Heather Bellegia began her first post on Instagram on March 1, 2017. Most of her posts that followed the first one are from her shoots, campaigns, and runways. She has been featured on specific magazine covers, including Confidence, in 2019.

Her latest post on Instagram is with her boyfriend, whose name has not been disclosed. She has captioned the photo, “You and I until the end of time,” from which we can assume that she must be in a relationship with someone at the moment.

She is very much conscious about her fitness journey. She has created a highlight for all her fitness actions on her Instagram account. Most of her workouts are done from home. She seemed to have practiced a lot during the quarantine period. Her glow-up looks stunning, and she looks exceptionally fit and healthy. Heather has also posted pictures and videos of her hiking to different destinations.

Heather Bellegia Net Worth, What Does She Do?

The net worth of Heather Bellegia, a successful model and a health worker, has not been disclosed in any of her sources. However, we can assume that she must be well-to-do, looking at her growth as a model and a nurse.

Heather Bellegia usually models for different cloth brands. She shares most of her collaborations with brands on her official Instagram account. She has collaborated with Maple USA as a model for their outfits. Moreover, she has also been photographed for different commercial shoots, including magazine pictures.

Heather Bellegia also frequently walks at fashion weeks and ramp shows. She has walked down the ramp during The Society Fashion Week too. Heather is usually seen modeling for swimsuits by famous designers. She has also been featured in Goji Magazine. She shares her amazing shoots and photographs on her Instagram.

Besides modeling, Heather Bellegia has also experienced life as a full-time student and full-time worker. She has shared how it led her to high functioning anxiety in one of her videos. Bellegia worked for more than eighteen hours a day for months and, at the same time, did a Double STEM major. Bellegia shared that she also went through impulsivity and reckless behaviors during her work and study. She has already become a licensed CNA and works as a nurse.

Mitch Lucker Musical Career

Mitch Lucker began performing music during the 2000s with the Breakaway band, which would later become the Dying Dreams.

Lucker was on vocals, and his brother Cliff was also on the guitar alongside Suicide Silent members Josh Tufano on the second guitar and Mike Olheiser on the bass. Mitch Lucker, later on, got inducted into Suicide Silence a year before Dying Dreams finally broke up.

The debut album by Suicide Silence, The Cleansing, became very popular, and its 7,250 copies were sold in the first week. The second album, No Time to Bleed, was released in 2009, and the band’s last album, which featured the Lucker, was released in 2011.

Unfortunately, Mitch Lucker passed away on November 1, 2012, after encountering a severe injury from a motorcycle accident in Huntington Beach, California. Lucker crashed the motorcycle on October 31 at 9 pm.