Netflix: Who Is Ruben de la Torre And Where Is He Now? Infamous Bank Robber Update 2022

On January 13, 2006, police in Argentina were alerted of a bank robbery. 23 people were held hostage inside the bank as a group of robbers stole millions of dollars. After the incident, they completely disappeared but were subsequently found by the police after an investigation.

The documentary based on the robbery is aired on Netflix on August 10, 2022.  The primary suspect in that incident, along with the other four criminals, was Ruben de la Torre. According to the report, the crime involved two additional individuals who were not charged.

Who Is Ruben de la Torre?

Ruben de la Torre is an Argentine citizen who was involved in a bank robbery in 2006. Until he was about twelve, he went to a Catholic school. When he left the school, he had undergone a complete transformation and was engaged in a number of unlawful acts.

Ruben began stealing as an adventure, but eventually, he immersed himself fully in it. He developed a habit of stealing and engaging in criminal activity. He has always participated in armed robberies and been a part of the gang that carried out these kinds of crimes. Additionally, due to his expanding criminal activities, he even engaged in kidnapping in exchange for a ransom.

Additionally, with the assistance of a person known only as “The Doc,” Fernando Araujo included him in the bank heist crew. All such activities had been planned over time by Araujo. the principal architect of that bank heist. The Doc has been in touch with several gang members since the 1990s, which made it easier for him to track down Ruben, also known as Beto.

Where Is Ruben de la Torre Now?

The infamous bank robber, Ruben, also known as Beto, is now living his happy life in Argentina. Ruben nearly lived more than 8 years in prison. He was among the gang members’ top picks, but he was also the first to be apprehended by the police. The individual who alerted and provided the police with the information regarding the heist was his ex-wife, Alicia di Tullio.

According to reports on the internet, Beto has a plan to flee the scene of the heist with his girlfriend. Since Beto and his wife did not get along well, the pan did not work, and he was apprehended by the police as a result.

Sometime between 2018 and 2019, Ruben, alias Beto, was released from prison. The former bank robber is most likely in his 70s and is still in good physical and mental condition. He had a brief cameo appearance in the 2022 movie “The Heist of the Century.”

Ruben de la Torre admitted that he regrets his actions. He is currently enjoying his life free of any criminal activity.

Ruben de la Torre Son and Partner Story

In 2019, an infamous bank robber’s son, Gastón De La Torre, is detained for allegedly working with a cocaine smuggling ring in Argentina. He was accused of assisting in supplying a local cocaine distribution network.

Eight additional men with connections to the cocaine distribution rings were identified as a result of the sting operation. He had been the subject of a police investigation for his role in the drug supply since 2017. He was a member of the gang that supplied cocaine to Buenos Aires.

Whereas the father was found guilty for his role in the January 2006 Rio Bank robbery in Buenos Aires. After Ruben’s wife became involved with the police, his well-planned robbery with his partners ultimately failed. Given his extensive background in robbery and other illicit operations, Ruben, aka Beto, emerged as one of their best options.

The primary perpetrators of this crime were Ruben de la Torre, Sebastian Garcia Bolster, Julian Zalloecheverria, and Fernando Araujo, also known as Mario Luis Vitette Sellanes. Since the majority of them had criminal backgrounds, robbing the bank was made simpler by their presence. Following his arrest, Ruben and his partner, Araujo, each received a 15-year prison term. However, an appeal lowered it to 12 years, and he was subsequently freed after 8 and a half years.

Ruben de la Torre Story on Netflix

Bank Robbers: The Last Great Heist is the title of the Netflix documentary that has just been released. It is based on an actual Argentine criminal incident from 2006 when a bank was robbed. The jewelry and a million dollars were taken from the bank. The crime is also referred to as “the robbery of the century.”

After conducting an exclusive interview with those who were involved in the robbery, the movie was produced. One of them is Ruben de la Torre. It depicts every aspect of the robbery and explains how and why Ruben and his accomplices committed the biggest crime in history.