New NFL Rule Changes 2023 Affected Seventeen Rules

New NFL rule changes 2023 modified seventeen existing rules. 2023 NFL rule changes revised Rule 5, Section 1, Article 2 and Rule 4, Section 6, Article 3, among others.

The NFL Annual Meeting passed 17 playing rules, including four resolutions and two bylaws. Four of those were proposed by Detroit Lions.

The Lions brought the following concerns into the meeting:

  • Expansion of coaches’ challenges system to involve on-field personal fouls
  • More chances for a third challenge
  • Extension of Replay Official’s jurisdiction to get aid for penalty assessment
  • Inclusion of a third emergency Quarterback from the Practice Squad or Inactive list

The tabled discussion held in Phoenix on 28th March 2023 received a mixed response. Some iterations even created outrage among the audience on social media.

2023 NFL Rule Changes

NFL proposed rule change for the 2023 season will see the use of jersey number ‘0’ for all positions. Philadelphia Eagles proposed it.

It is aimed to bring flexibility while assigning numerals. Previously, punters and kickers were placed with quarterbacks for numerals from 10-19. The change will see them sport 0-49 and 90-99.

Alteration of Rule 6, Section 1

The Eagles submitted the scheme to let the team get the ball’s possession if they score one offensive play while the opponent attempts an onside kickoff.

It must be made in 4th and 20 from the kicking team’s 20-yard line. It is directed toward fan engagement and competitive equity.

Adjustment in Rule 4, Section 6, Article 3, and Section 7, Article 4

It is directed toward modifying the play clock while taking the Instant Replay challenge. The reset time has been changed from 25 to 40 seconds.

Los Angeles Chargers brought it up, citing competitive equality as the primary reason.

Modification of Rule 15, Section 3

Detriot Lions called it up to ensure coaches can challenge on-field fouls. It will help sustain the integrity of the game.

Change in Rule 15, Section 1

More opportunities for a third challenge will be seen in the upcoming season. A minimum of two challenges will be provided to each team for Instant Replay reviews.

Likewise, if one of the Instant Replay reviews becomes successful, a third challenge can also be put forward.

Reformation of Rule 15, Section 3, Article 9

A slight change has been made in the Game Administration and Consultation.

Section 3, Article 9 (i) reads, ‘a foul that has been called involving the position of a player or action at, beyond, or behind a specific distance from the line of scrimmage.’

Amendment of Rule 15, Section 1, Article 2

Houston Texans proposed increasing the Replay Official’s request for a failed fourth down attempt review.

Update on Rule 15, Section 3, Articles 1, 9, and 12

A necessary change has been made in the replay system for a foul on roughing the passer. The coach can now challenge the on-field call for that particular foul.

Revision for Rule 12, Section 2, Article 6

New York Jets were concerned about player safety. They addressed that while athletes are in play, they should not get below a defender’s waist while blocking.

It helps to broaden the crackback prohibition.

What Is The New NFL Kickoff Rule?

NFL kickoff rule 2023 will see the football being put in the 25-yard line during the kickoff or safety kick. The receiving team can call for a fair catch or go for a touchback by punting.

Although the committee drafted it to see safer plays, special team coaches and players thought otherwise. Sports Illustrated reported that there was a commotion to sink the proposal.

The 32 special team players and 2 veterans, along with NFLPA officials, felt that the iteration in the rule would not be fruitful in preventing concussions. ABC News reports that more criticism came in as affiliated people thought it would bring on squib and corner kicks which can invite injury.

The decision has received a negative response. Former Indianapolis Colts’ Punter Peter McAfee showed his dissatisfaction via Twitter.

It will be essential to see whether the exciting kickoff will turn stale with the transformation or bring new life to the game.

New Fair Catch Rule NFL

New NFL fair catch rule was approved for a one-year experimental run. This rule was implemented in college football in 2018.

NFL kickoff fair catch rule entails a clean hold of the ball after the kickoff returner calls for a fair catch within his 25-yard will result in a touchback. It will allow the receiving team to start from the 25-yard line.

The safety of the players is the central reason behind the idea. Any ball collected by the receiving team from the goal line to the 25-yard line during the kickoff is meant to award a 25-yard for them. It is made to avoid contact between the players as much as possible.

CBS Sports reports that the organization is looking to reduce the return rate. It expects more athletes to wait for the fair catch, call it out, and play safe.

NFL Touchback Rule Change

New Touchback rule NFL reveals that a fair catch from the goal to the 25-yard line will be determined as a touchback.

In the 2022 season, when the ball crossed the end zone with no possession from the opponent would result in the ball becoming dead. Likewise, a punt at the kickoff by the receiving team was also a touchback.

Based on the play, a touchback was awarded for the defense at 20 or 25 yards.

Shane Lechler holds the record for most punting touchbacks in NFL with 178. He played for Oakland Raiders from 2000 to 2012 and Houston Texans from 2013 to 2017.

NFL Quarterback Rules

New Quarterback rules NFL sees the inclusion of a third Quarterback. The emergency QB won’t take up the roster spot and will be considered independent.

This is not a new rule in the league. It was introduced back in 1991 and lasted till 2010. Then the rule stated that if the third QB entered the match before the fourth quarter, the other two wouldn’t be permitted to make a return.

As per 2023’s amendment to Article XVII, Section 17.3 of the Constitution and Bylaws, an emergency QB must be designated 90 minutes before the contest. The match referee must be notified about the inactive list.

The third QB should be chosen from the Taxi Squad or the Inactive List. He will only be allowed to enter the field if the two QBs are ruled ‘Out’ from the tie due to disqualification or injury.

If at least one of the active list Quarterbacks is cleared to re-enter the match, the emergency QB must exit the game at that instant.

Likewise, selecting an emergency QB from the Practice Squad will be viewed as an elevation. But, it won’t be counted toward the three elevations per season or the two elevations per game for the franchise.

NFL Punt Rules

NFL Punt rule change will occur in 2023 as touchbacks from punts will be shifted from 20 to 25 yards. The modification is to decrease punt plays in the league.

Per the previous rule, the receiver was allowed to hold and kick the ball before it touched the ground. The new policy will automatically allow the team to start the offense from 25 yards when he calls for the fair catch and make it a touchback.

Bleacher Report exclaims that in the past two years, the risk of injuries for the special team has increased by 50%. This iteration aims to decrease the injury rate by 20 to 25%.