NFL: Is Mick Lombardi Related To Vince Lombardi? Family Links Explored

Mick Lombardi is a football coach who works as an offensive coordinator for NFL’s Las Vegas Raiders.

Date of Birth October 1, 1988
Birthplace Ocean City, New Jersey
Age 33
Profession Football coach
Nationality American
Wife Michelle
Children 2
Net Worth $1.5 million

He began his journey as a coach at the University he studied at by working as an assistant coach.

He got to work as a scouting assistant with the New England Patriots in NFL 2012. Then he went to The Bay to work with the San Francisco 49ers and worked with them for four seasons.

He had experience working as an assistant coach for the New England Patriots, New York Jets, and San Francisco 49ers.

Is NFL Mick Lombardi Related To Vince Lombardi?

Mick Lombardi doesn’t seem related to Vince Lombardi, although they have the same surname. Mick and Vince are associated with the same profession, and people might have been confused by that, but they do not have any blood relationship.

He is a football coach appointed as an offensive coordinator for NFL’s Las Vegas Raiders this year. At the same time, Vince Lombardi was also a football coach and executive in the National Football League.

They are working in the same sports as a football coach. Vince is one of the greatest coaches in the history of football. He is known for being the head coach of the Green Bay Packers during the 1960s.

During his guidance as a head coach, the Packers could get three straight and five total NFL Championships in seven years. He is also regarded as one of American sports’ greatest coaches and leaders.

Vince had cancer and later died during his battle against cancer in 1970. In his honor and remembrance, his name has been engraved in the Pro Football Hall of Fame and the NFL Super Bowl trophy.

Mick has also made his name in football as a coach and has begun a new journey with the Raiders this year.

Who Are Mick Lombardi’s Children?

Mick Lombardi has two children with his wife, Michelle, and both his children are sons. The football coach has not been publicly open about his wife and children.

He seems to have a caring and loving wife. He has a family of his own, which comprises his wife and children.

He is more directed toward work and shares how he grew up as a Raider, and his family was a raider organization as they loved Raiders.

It has become his dream come true, from seeing them on the screen to working with them from the first season of 2022.

Mick Lombardi Family Tree Info

Mick Lombardi is the son of the football executive and media analyst Michael Lombardi. His family tree shows that he comes from a family who has been in the field of coaching in football sports.

He is also known by his father’s name and his work as a coach to various teams in National Football League.

His father, Michael, has also worked as the Raiders’ senior personnel executive from 1998 to 2007. Similarly, he was also part of the Raiders’ trip to Super Bowl XXXVII.

Mick’s mother’s name is Millie, and he has a brother as a sibling. His brother, Matt, also works as the Assistant quarterback’s coach for the Carolina Panthers.

It seems his whole family is into coaching football sports. He appears to be influenced by his father, who had been in the field for over a decade.


Is Mick Lombardi related to Vince Lombardi?

No, Mick Lombardi is not related to Vince Lombardi, but he is related to Michael Lombardi as his son.

How old is Mick Lombardi?

Mick Lombardi is 33 years old.

Who is the Raider’s new OC?

Mick Lombardi is the new offensive coordinator of the NFL’s Las Vegas Raiders.