Nigeria Police Academy Courses and Requirements

The Nigerian Police Academy is located at Wudil, Kano State (NPA)

The Nigerian Police Academy officially commenced activities in 1988 with two temporary campuses, which are the Police training school Challawa, Kano where cadet Inspectors were trained; and the Police College Kaduna, where cadet ASPs were trained.

 The two campuses were later merged and relocated to its permanent site in Wudil, Kano, this was after it was formerly Commissioned on the 2nd April 1996.

In this article, we have gathered the official list of courses and departments that are available in the Nigerian Police Academy (NPA), Wudil, Kano State (NPA). Here, you will also find the subject combination and requirements needed to study any of the listed courses offered in NPA, similar to other countries where you can make the police tests wa to become a police officer.

It was not until the year 2012 that the Federal Government of Nigeria upgraded the Nigeria Police Academy Wudil, Kano State, to a degree-awarding institution and the National Universities commission recognized the academy as a university.

Nigeria Police Academy Courses and Requirements

Below is a complete list of faculties and courses offered at the Nigerian Police Academy:

 Faculty of Humanities

The faculty of humanities at the Nigerian Police Academy offers the following programs:






History and International Studies

Linguistics i.e. Nigerian languages and English language

Faculty of Social sciences and Management

The faculty of social sciences and management at the Nigerian Police Academy offers the following programs:



Management Political science



Faculty of Sciences

The faculty of sciences offers the following programs:


General biological sciences

General chemistry

Computer sciences



Forensic sciences




Computer Science

Biological Science

Forensic Science



Social Sciences






Social work

Political Science

Management Science

Banking and Finance

Faculty of Law

The faculty of law at the Nigerian Police Academy trains students in general law program.

The Academy awards a Bachelor’s degree in all the courses listed above.

Admission requirements

The following are the admission requirements for entry into the Nigerian Police Academy

  • Candidates who wish to be admitted into the Nigeria Police Academy should have completed their secondary education
  • Candidates seeking admission into the Academy must be citizens of Nigeria and must be between 17 and 22 years of age
  • Candidate who are male must have a height of not less than 67 Metres(5 Feet 6 Inches) and if female must have a height of 1.62 Metres (5 Feet 4 Inches)
  • Male candidates between the age of 21 and 22 must have an expanded chest size of not less than 86cm(34 Inches)
  • All candidates must be free from any physical deformity or mental disability
  • Candidates must have obtained a minimum of sixcredit passes at SSCE/NECO/NABTEB or any other equivalent examination. Results must be obtained at not more than 2 sittings. All Candidates are required to have a credit pass in English Language and Mathematics and in other subjects relevant to the proposed course of study in the Academy
  • Candidates must also obtain acceptable scores in both the written examination and the interview at the Academy
  • Candidates must pass physical and psychological tests of fitness. These tests determine the fitness level of applicants and their readiness for a career as Police officers. These tests include psychological examinations and regular written tests.
  • Applicants must have cut-off mark of 180 points at the Academy selection examination

The cut-off mark is important for the submission of application forms. If one does not meet the cut-off requirement, you will not be able to print out and fill your examination card.

  • SSCE statement of results or certificates taken before 2015 will not be accepted.

The selection examination of the Nigeria Police Academy, Wudil, Kano-Nigeria


Section A- General paper  This is compulsory for all candidates and takes up 40% of results 

Section B- To be answered by candidates based on their proposed course of study and faculty (this is 60%).

  Faculty of humanities:

Literature in English

Faculty of law

Literature in English

Faculty of science


Faculty of social and management sciences


The selection of the Nigeria Police Academy may be Computer Based Test (CBT) or Pencil and Paper.  The first section comprises of a General Paper (Section A) which is compulsory for all candidates.  This section covers areas such as general knowledge and current affairs, English Language and Mathematics.  Other sections are to be selected according to the candidate’s proposed course of study and faculty.

Only candidates who meet the Academy’s cut-off mark of 180 and above in UTME  will be eligible to sit for the Nigeria Police Academy Selection Examination at any of the designated Centres.

Only candidates who pass the academy’s entrance examination will be invited to the Academy for further interview and screening. The lists of those who are given admission are usually published on the website and in certain national newspapers.

After graduation, students of this academy are now eligible to work in labour market just like other graduates. They can also get jobs in the Nigerian police as Assistant Superintendents anywhere in the country.

Apart from regular studies in your course, a student will have to go through special training in order to graduate from the Police Academy. There are three six-month courses that one will have to pass in school.

In the first six months, you will be taught and acquainted with how the Police Academy works and given your basic training. On passing the screening, attestation and providing the necessary documentation. You will be required to take an oath.

After this, you will begin the drill courses and start your police duties. Here you learn about the criminal procedure and laws, attend lectures on first aid (first 4 weeks) and get a one-month attachment to one of the police districts