Penny Johnson Jerald Children: Meet Danyel Jerald

American actress Penny Johnson Jerald is 62 years old but looks stunning and elegant.

On the third season of the Hulu Original series The Orville, which will broadcast on the platform on Thursday, June 2, Jerald returns as Doctor Claire Finn.

The sci-fi comedy-dramas third season is appropriately titled “New Horizons” as it premieres on Hulu after airing on Fox for its first two seasons.

The central character of The Orville: New Horizons is still Captain Ed Mercer (Seth MacFarlane), a once-promising space cruiser officer who spiraled when his marriage ended and finally accepted the command of the mid-level exploration vessel, the Orville.

The cast of the Orville ship will be followed in Season 3 as they continue to try to deal with the difficulties and mysteries of space travel as well as their own, occasionally difficult interpersonal relationships.

Penny Johnson Jerald Children: Meet Danyel Jerald

Not much is known about her daughter Danyel.