Procurement Management Courses in Nigeria

Procurement or purchase means a transaction involving a buyer and a seller. Procurement management has to do with the processes involved for businesses to secure resources to enable its production activities and drive sales. This process also involves economic resources and human resources such as the hiring of labour to convert these resources into consumer products. Taking a course in procurement management teaches you the important concepts and prepares you for a career in business administration.

Procurement management is a broad field that requires task execution on many fronts such as in the technical, commercial, legal, interpersonal and managerial fields. Individuals who have a good knowledge of procurement processes can better manage an organization or aid communication processes and thus ensure organizational success.

Procurement Management Courses in Nigeria

This article covers a list of Procurement Management courses available in Nigeria. Read on below:

Institutes in Nigeria that offer Procurement Management Courses

CIPS Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply

CIPS is the world’s largest organisation that offers services related to the procurement and supply profession. The certificate awarded, MCIPS is the recognized global standard for procurement. CIPS teaches you to build a variety of skills which include good business sense, financial management, communication, and negotiation skills.

The standard in Procurement and Supply set by the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply is the benchmark for skills and competencies in the profession all over the world. In other words, after you become a full member of CIPS and obtain an MCIPS, you will have an internationally recognized award that represents the global standard within the procurement and supply profession.

There are various programs made available by CIPS through which one can obtain an MCIPS; these are:

  • CIPS professional qualifications
  • Chartered status for MCIPS or FCIPS members through University MBA programmes accredited by CIPS

Chartered professional: This certification is for MCIPS/FCIPS members. This serves as evidence of a commitment to one’s professional career and ethical procurement and supply practices.

FCIPS: This is the highest grade of membership of the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply. This certificate recognizes one’s outstanding level of achievement, knowledge, and experience in the field of procurement

  • The CIPS Management Entry Route (MER) 

The Management Entry Route (MER) is ideal for procurement professionals who already function in a senior strategic position within the profession of procurement or supply chain management and who also have extensive on-the-job experience.

  • The CIPS Corporate Award

This is an applied learning programme is for individuals or groups of professionals and organizations. You can develop your organization’s procurement and supply expertise through the CIPS Corporate Award

  • Affiliate

This is for anyone who has a strong interest in Procurement and Supply but does not seek to become professionally qualified.

These programs are also available to organizations to improve their staff performance.

The CIPS, Nigeria branch helps to provide a local professional network. Students are taught of the various responsibilities in the field such as sourcing for raw materials and services to managing contracts and relationships with suppliers.

United Nations Development Procurement training

The United Nations Development Programme offers specialized procurement training and certification to staff within the UN organization, non-governmental organizations, international development financing institutions and governments. UNDP partners with CIPS to award these certificates.

UNDP procurement certification courses are accredited by the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS). This ensures compliance with high international qualification standards. It also offers participants access to a worldwide community of procurement professionals. The courses are offered on a regular basis in Abuja.

UNDP/CIPS procurement certification course content are available at different levels which are:

  • Introductory (Level 2)
  • Advanced (Level 3)
  • Diploma (Level 4) levels

These certifications reflect common United Nations and public procurement rules, policies and procedures.

Standard procurement training courses

UNDP offers the following procurement training and professionalization courses on a regular basis:

  • CIPS Accredited, Level 2- Introductory Certificate in Public Procurement
  •  CIPS Accredited, Level 3- Advanced Certificate in Public Procurement
  • CIPS Accredited Level 4- Diploma in Strategic Public Procurement
  • Procurement Strategy Development
  • Contract and Supplier Relations Management
  • Supply Chain Management in Humanitarian Organisations
  • Risk Management in Contracting for Construction Services
  • Effective Negotiations in Projects and Procurement
  • Contracting & Management of Individual Contractors
  • How to use Commercial Terms in Procurement
  • Effective Programme & Procurement Teamwork
  • Introduction to Sustainable Public Procurement
  • Anti-Corruption and Ethics in Procurement

Strategic Procurement Management Courseby JK Micheals

Course outline

Introduction to Strategic Sourcing and Supply Management

The P2P Process

Purchasing Organization and Commodity Strategy Development

Supplier Evaluation

Selection and the Analytic Hierarchy Process

Supplier Performance Management

Quality Management

Supply Base Integration

Global Sourcing and Outsourcing

Electronic Procurement and Strategic Cost Management

Negotiations, Law and Contract Management

Ethics and Green Procurement

Procurement Management Courses are suitable for the following categories of people:

This course is ideal for anyone who is responsible for or involved in Supplier Relationships and these other job roles:

  • Procurement Directors
  • Business Owners / Managing Directors
  • Supplier Managers
  • Supply Chain Consultants
  • Buyers / Senior Buyers
  • Operations Managers & Directors
  • Finance Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Executive Directors
  • General Managers
  • Divisional Heads
  • Project Directors
  • Project Engineers
  • Administration Managers
  • Project Leaders
  • Team Leaders
  • Supervisors
  • Contractors
  • Management Consultants

Benefits of taking a course in procurement management

Procurement Management is such a broad field of study which exposes you to a wide variety of principles and management techniques needed in the business and running of organizations. Some of the topics covered in a course include procurement laws, project management, the administration of contracts, and federal acquisitions. Many of the procurement courses available in Nigeria cover both national and international issues as well as federal and corporate transactions. Upon finishing the course, you are expected to have a basic understanding of the techniques and concepts used in the field of procurement management.

Procurement Management courses are ideal for people entrepreneurs and others who plan to work as business administrators, managers, and directors. By taking a course in Procurement Management, you increase the number of professional opportunities available to you.