Rajjo: Arjun to move on in his life with Urvashi forgetting Rajjo?

Star In addition to’s day to day cleanser Rajjo is preparing for more show with Arjun saving Rajjo and Manorama. In the ongoing story, it’s seen that Vicky drives the vehicle carelessly and seriously endangers everybody’s lives. He attempts to stay away from a crash with a truck and stops the vehicle on the edge of a slope. Arjun arrives at there in time and safeguards Rajjo and Manorama.

He tracks down a container in his pocket. Arjun reproves Vicky for driving the vehicle in an inebriated condition. He needs to call the police to get him captured. Vicky explains that it’s simply a natural tea for throat diseases which is exceptionally renowned in their town.

Arjun quiets down when Rajjo affirms it. Arjun won’t leave Rajjo now and requests that Rajjo and Manorama show up with him. Manorama expresses gratitude toward Arjun for all his assistance to Rajjo and says that Arjun ought to quit being after their backs. She defines the boundary among Arjun and Rajjo and lets Arjun know how society segregates among poor and rich.

She says that Rajjo and Arjun can never be together. Rajjo attempts to stop Manorama, yet she quiets down Rajjo. Manorama encourages Rajjo to get comfortable her existence with Vicky in her reality while Arjun will construct his life in his reality.

In the forthcoming episode, it will be seen that Arjun will share with Urvashi that he failed to remember that he is harming his darlings via thinking often about others. He will guarantee Urvashi that from this point forward he just thing about his dears one, about them.

Then again, Vicky will tell Rajjo that he heard her mother and her father discussing Rajjo and Arjun remaining in a similar room. He says that Arjun would have requested something from her consequently from his approval. Rajjo will get incensed and will caution Vicky about denouncing Arjun. Will Rajjo and Arjun get isolated for eternity? What is the fate put away for Rajjo and Arjun ahead in the story?