Rose Byrne Children: Meet Rafa and Rocco

Rose Byrne is an actress from Australia. Rose Bryne and her partner Bobby Cannavale have two sons Rafa and Rocco.

They welcomed their first son, Rocco, in February 2016 and their second son, Rafael, in November 2017.  In an interview with PEOPLE, Cannavale revealed the meaning behind Rocco’s name. “We just love the name,” he said. “His middle name is his partner Rose Byrne’s dad’s name, Robin, and we liked the way it rang together.”

Cannavale revealed the origin of his second son’s name. “I hadn’t given one of my children a Latin name yet, so I wanted to honour my mom’s side of the family,” he told Entertainment Tonight.

“And, you know, Rafael Nadal had such a great year and we were constantly keeping up with him and watching all his matches so we were like, ‘How about Rafa? That goes well with Rocco.’ And that was it.”

In 2018, Rose Byrne told PEOPLE that adapting to motherhood had a “learning curve.” “Every day, every hour, I’m like, ‘What is happening?’ I am learning on the job,” she said. “I have no business telling anyone what to do. Being a mother changes everything. I feel like it informs everything I do, particularly for a job like this.”