S2k Wya Suicide – Why Did San Diego Man Killed Himself?

S2k Wya was a car community legend who is the current hot topic as he shoots himself to death. Why did he kill himself?

S2k Wya was a San Diego resident and car community legend. 

But, as of late, he shot himself to death after calling for a car meet through his Instagram story. 

Moreover, the main reason behind his lousy step forward was his wife cheating on him. 

S2k Wya Suicide: Why Did The San Diego Man Kill Himself? 

S2k Wya led himself to suicide and is dead as per the news online. 

The San Diego man killed himself to death as he found his wife cheating on him. 

Not only did he kill himself, but he also abused his partner brutally by hitting her on the head with an axe, choking her, and sexually assaulting her. 

As his partner fleed from their apartment, S2k headed towards buying a gun. 

Moreover, their neighbors informed the police officials and found the suspect five hours after the investigation. Additionally, the authorities blocked all the possible escape roads, yet S2k Wya escaped and shot himself at around 6:15 am. 

When the officials rushed him to Orange County Hospital, he was identified dead. 

Who is S2K Wya Wife? 

S2K Wya’s wife’s complete detail is not disclosed publically. 

Nonetheless, he was a married man. As mentioned above, his wife cheated on him, and she was a 25 years old woman. 

Further Detail On S2k Wya Instagram Video and Death News 

It is reported that after running away from the authorities, S2k went live on his Instagram and also posted a story. 

Through his live video, he spoke about all that happened between himself and his partner states the car legend community. 

Besides, he also announced that he was about to take his own life that trembled his live viewers. 

Additionally, S2k also asked his followers and supporters to organize a car meet as a part of his memory. 

Further, his death news was out on May 26, 2021 and that really saddened his well-wishers.