Salma El Wardany

Salma El-Wardany is a journalist. In addition to that, she is also a writer.

Quick Facts: Salma El Wardany

Name Salma El-Wardany
Gender Female
Profession Journalist, Writer
Instagram salmelwarandy
Twitter Salma El-Wardany

Salma is also known as a speaker and in fact, is an influencer. She is also known for working as a presenter on BBC. She is a very influential person and a poet. 

Salma also writes blogs about her experience as a woman and womanhood and ideas of gender identities. 

10 Facts – Salma El Wardany

  1. Salma El Wardany’s age is not available. Nor her birthday is known. She might be in her thirties.
  2. Salma has quite a curvy body figure with an impressive height. But if we talk about her actual height, it’s unknown yet. 
  3. Wardany is earning quite a lot. But her net worth has not been disclosed yet. She has been living life traveling and in an extravagant way.
  4. Warandy in fact has shared about her relationship history but not about her partner. Maybe she is currently single but though there is a chance of hiding her relationship. 
  5. Salma is born to an Irish mother and an African father. But she was raised by her Pakistani father after her mother married when she was 6 years old. But the names of her parents are not known. She comes from a Muslim family. 
  6. Salma is a graduate but her studies details and from which university she graduated are not known yet. She holds two degrees. 
  7. Wardany was born in Egypt. She grew up in the north of England. She is half Egyptian and half Irish. 
  8. Salma has also an experience as a business owner. She has worked in corporate companies in London.
  9. Salma is known for her influential speech as a speaker. She has written and has published her writings in several magazines. She is also known to work as a BBC presenter. 
  10. Wardany has 11.1k followers on Twitter and 54k followers on Instagram.