Sascha Barboza Wikipedia And Age? How Old Is The Fitness-Nutrition Coach?

Sascha Barboza Wikipedia: Delving deeper into the internet personality’s life and breaking down her age and other details.

Born in Maracaibo, Venezuela, Sascha Barboza is a businesswoman, writer, Fitness Coach, and speaker of stature who has left an indelible mark through her work.

Giving attention to her interest and passion for food, exercise, and nutrition that sparked in her teenage years, Barboza decided to make her endeavors in her 20s.

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Buying magazines and books related to her topic of interest saved money, and she taught herself about food, nutrition, and exercise.

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Sascha Barboza Wikipedia And Age? How Old Is The Fitness-Nutrition Coach?

Raised in a family with food and jokes, her interest in food and nutrition began early, which she polished with the materials available.

The nutrition coach made her endeavors professional in her 20s. Using social media as a place to share knowledge rather than a tool for advertisement, she has impacted thousands of lives worldwide.

While the details surrounding her date of birth remain a mystery, some sources have reported her to be 38 years old.

Beginning her brand Sascha Fitness, they went to the United States to launch her company and products. She finally migrated to the USA when running things from Venezuela seemed impossible.

To make the information efficiently accessible to a broader audience, she began marking her presence on social media. She has 1.91 M, 5.5 M, and 664 K people subscribed to her on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok, respectively. 

As a family-oriented person, a move to a foreign world away from them was challenging. But Sascha never lost her focus and continued to do what she was meant to do, helping the general audience with fitness and nutrition.

Sascha Barboza Family Tree

Sascha Barboza, the fitness-nutrition coach, was born into a family with a food background. The details surrounding the father of the actress remain ambiguous to the public.

However, her mother, Peggy Schmidt, is a renowned personality in Venezuela and other parts of the world. She shares her secrets and recipes and secrets through the company she founded, Peggy’s Food.

Peggy sells spices through her company, advertising the Venezuelan culture and cuisines worldwide.

As the daughter of an entrepreneur, the journey of Sascha was heavily impacted by that of her mother.

Her sister, Jessica Barboza, is acquainted with cosmetics. She runs her beauty brand, Jess Beauty. The two share a tight bond.

The internet personality is married to Andres Ordonez, a fellow fitness guru. The two are supportive of one another. Belonging to the same line of work, the pair has a lot to talk about.

The adorable couple collaborates to provide extensive knowledge to the broader audience.

In their enduring marriage, the duo has been blessed with two adorable children: Avril and Luna. Sascha is a family person, and her family means everything to her.

Sascha Barboza Net Worth

The estimated net worth of the successful businesswoman, writer, Fitness Coach, and speaker is reported to be $1 to 5 million.

As a fitness guru, she has accumulated significant wealth, enabling her to live the life she desires, following her passion for traveling to different parts of the world.

Though the exact figure is unknown, Sascha Barboza has piled a sizeable income through her skills and prowess as a fitness-nutrition coach.

Her brand, Sascha Fitness, contributes heavily to her earnings. As her prominence grows, her net worth will increase substantially.

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