Taylor Swift – Parents, Boyfriend & Height

Taylor Swift is best known for her breathtaking voice and the many hits she has scored over time. The content of her music is basically on love and the situations surrounding them. As they say, musicians pour their souls to the world with the content of their songs and the case is not different with Taylor who has expressed herself musically with the lyrical contents of her songs which are filled with the details of her life tales. She didn’t just step into the limelight in full bloom but she started way back as a child, grooming her voice and encouraging herself with little write-ups.

She began her career as a country artist but has persevered and built herself into a recognized pop star and one of the most amazing artists of this generation, all thanks to her mastery of songcraft and angelic voice. Year into Year, she has spiced up her songs and its lyrical contents to overwhelm the hearts of her listeners. Today, those early days of working behind the scene have paid off. She holds six Guinness records, was listed by Forbes as one of the richest musically inclined women and also as one of the most influential people in the world by Times’.

Taylor Swift’s Bio, Age and Parents

The queen of hip-hop was born as Taylor Alison Swift on December 13, 1989, in Pennsylvania, United States of America. She is one of the two children of Ѕсоtt Кіngѕlеу Ѕwіft аnd Аndrеа Gаrdеnеr Ѕwіft. Her father, Scott works as a financial advisor while her mom, Andrea made ends meet as a marketing executive. She has a brother named Austin. She was raised in Pennsylvania and attended Alvernia Montessori school but later transferred Wyndcroft school. Later on, her family moved and she enrolled at Wyomissing Area High school.

The hunger for music and theatre sprouted in the heart of Taylor after she was inspired by Shaina Twain’s song when she was nine. At that age, she got her first show performing at the Four Berks Youth Theatre Academy Productions. She taught herself how to play some musical instruments but later got extra help from a local guitarist named Ronnie Cremer who taught her the pros and cons of songwriting and also the skills involved in playing the guitar.

Subsequently, Taylor Swift who really desired fame decided to relocate to Hendersonville when she was 14. She enrolled at the town’s high school but later opted out to be homeschooled after she started attaining a successful career growth with her tours that period. She signed with the Big Machine Records, stayed briefly with them and moved to join the Sony Music Publishing House. With the publishing house, she produced her first debut album. Despite it being her first shot on recording an album, that album topped as a five-time platinum album and stayed on the Billboard 200 chart for four years, five months and three weeks…that was an alarming shot! Soon, Taylor Swift became the talk of town and she also won the famous International Association of Songwriters in Nashville award.

Her achievements wowed a lot of people and while her star bloomed, she dropped yet another album titled Fearless (2008). With her second album, she won the Young Hollywood Awards, the MTV Video Music Awards, the People’s Choice Awards, and the American Music Awards. At this pace, she became known globally and began to do tours, moving through states especially in Japan and the United States.

She returned to the studio in 2014 and recorded her fifth album titled «1989». The album sold over 1.2 million copies and had a lot of compliments by different musically inclined personnel, in fact, Guinness World Records gave her kudos for her sales on the album. She also won the best collaboration at the MTV music video awards in 2015, the Brit Award for the international female Solo Artist and three Grammy awards. In 2017, she released yet another album and still bagged a lot of accolades for her works.

Who Is She Dating?

Taylor Swift’s love life has been filled with a lot of shackles. She has dated a long line of men and has not found a forever commitment with any of them. Her long list of men includes celebrities in the entertainment industry. She dated Joe Jonas in 2007 and broke up with him just three months after their relationship kicked off. She moved on with Taylor Lautner but like her former relationship, it came crashing. In 2010, it was reported that she was seeing Jake Gyllenhaal but of course, it was over before we even adjusted to it.

The hip-hop queen moved into dating a politician and chose to be with Connor Kennedy in 2012. Their relationship was like the wind and just within two months it was done and dusted off. She left the political region and went ahead to date Harry Styles, a member of the One Direction band. Their relationship was the longest Taylor had but they called it quits after a year. After her separation, she decided to date Calvin Harris, they dated for a few months before she later dated Bradley Cooper. Currently, she is with Joe Alwyn.

Where Is She Now?

Tayor swift is still in the music business, in 2018, Forbes estimated her net worth to be a whopping sum of $320 million. Evidently, she still plays her cards well and is still involved in her records, songwriting, and tours.


Taylor Swift is one of the beautiful damsels in the industry. She has an hourglass shape and could always be referred to as the lady on red lipstick. She stands at 5 feet 10 inches and weighs 54kg.