What did the students do at Rio Americano High School? Seniors land in trouble after vandalizing school as a prank

A gathering of understudies from Rio Americano Secondary School arrived in a difficult situation after they took a trick excessively far. The understudies photoshopped pictures of staff individuals and furthermore vandalized the school property. One of the guardians, Latsamy Cesar, went live on Facebook and recorded the state of Rio Americano Secondary School after the trick when she showed up to drop her children off.

As per the San Juan Brought together School Locale, a larger part of the properties at Rio Americano Secondary School were vandalized. The understudies allegedly stuck entryway locks, applied petrol jam on entryway handles, and hung tissue and cleanser around the grounds.

Properties of the Rio Americano Secondary School were vandalized by certain understudies on Sunday night. One of the guardians, Latsamy Cesar, saw the harm inside the school and expressed that bothered workers were caught up with cleaning the grounds when she showed up. She added that the understudies answerable for the defacing ought not be permitted to graduate.

According to CBS News, lawyer Jennifer Mouzis expressed that defacing charges might be forced on the understudies. In any case, she didn’t share data about the charges that may be forced for the photoshopped pictures.

“You can’t disregard someone else’s property or individual interest, regardless of whether it’s simply a joke.”

Albeit more data about the photoshopped pictures has not been delivered, Jennifer referenced that sharing p*rnographic pictures with minors is unlawful. Mouzis said that the understudies’ folks may be in a difficult situation in the event that the school specialists choose to record a claim.

Rio Americano Secondary School is situated in Arden-Arcade, California and a greater part of the understudies are from places like Arden Park, Fair Oaks, Gold Waterway, Arden Oaks, and Carmichael.

The Mallard Stream Secondary School was additionally vandalized the evening of May 22, 2023. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Office detailed that around 50 understudies entered the school from a study hall window.

The understudies were related to the assistance of reconnaissance film and the homeroom window was opened a day prior to the episode. The understudies entered the school between 7 pm and 8 pm and stowed away until 9 pm. They vandalized the whole property once the sun went down.

Charges of crime breaking and entering and property harm were forced on the understudies and as per cops, the vast majority of them were seniors who will be unable to graduate. The head of the school likewise imparted an explanation to the guardians and requested that they remind their kids that they will be focused as needs be assuming they participate in defacing.

“We expect no postponements to the beginning of school, and the educational day will continue as ordinary. Much obliged to you for your help and organization of Mallard Rivulet Secondary School.”
The understudies were likewise asked not to clean or contact anything as the school was a crime location.