What does Maggie Q do for health?

Maggie is a well-known actress, model, and activist who is passionate about holistic health and sustainability.

Maggie Q grew up playing sports and is an extremely active individual in general. She does not appear to go to the gym and instead incorporates various forms of exercise into her routine.

Yoga appears to be her most important form of movement, though mixed martial arts and boxing also play a significant role in her ability to perform her stunts in her films.

Regardless of what she has planned for the day, she has revealed that she tries to get in a short stretching session and either a walk or walk with her dogs or a run every morning.

Maggie Q is also vegan. Maggie hasn’t eaten an animal product in over two decades, and it doesn’t appear that she will be changing her diet anytime soon.

She simply focuses on eating meals that provide her body with enough nutrients and energy to get through her hectic days!

Maggie Q has repeatedly stated that what you eat in the morning affects how you feel throughout the day. That’s why she starts her day with a sugar-free green juice packed with nutrients. In addition, she consumes foods such as whole grains and almonds.