What happened to Anastasia Stevens? Husband arrested as Utah woman and parents killed in triple homicide

In a disastrous episode, the bodies of Anastasia Stevens, 36, her folks, Becky Stevens, 61, and Donald Stevens, 73, and three canines were found by policing. The occurrence happened in Layton, only north of Salt Lake City on May 19 as Jeremy Bailey, 34, called the police to admit the ruthless demonstration.

Bailey, who is right now being held at the Davis Province Prison, communicated an inclination for execution over a lifelong incarceration and furthermore asked about the accessibility of a terminating crew for capital punishment, as per a reasonable justification sworn statement got by KTVX.

The suspect presently has to deal with penalties of three counts of exasperated murder, crime release of a gun, and irritated remorselessness to creatures. The Layton Police Division has expressed that the rationale in these deplorable wrongdoings is not settled as of yet, and examinations concerning the reason for death are progressing.

A Facebook post, distributed around a similar time Anastasia Stevens’ significant other settled on the pain decision to crisis administrations, contained disturbing content. It unequivocally referenced a “Slaughter” and uncovered that the man capable had “Recently KILLED Everybody,” posting the names of the casualties as Anastasia Stevens’ stepmother, Becky Stevens, father, Wear Stevens, and three of their four family canines, as detailed by The Salt Lake Tribune.

Besides, the Facebook post uncovered that the occurrence happened at Anastasia and Bailey’s home, situated in the 1800 block of Gentile Blvd.

On Friday, May 19, when policemen talked with Bailey over a call, he repeated on various occasions that the casualties were at that point expired. He professed to have killed them 20 minutes before the call. Yet again when the officials moved toward the house, Bailey reached specialists and reported his expectation to give up, following their guidelines without opposition.

The bodies of Anastasia Stevens, Becky Stevens, and Donald Stevens were found in isolated rooms on the upper floor of the home. While Anastasia Stevens and Jeremy Bailey were living in similar house where the killings occurred, the other two casualties, Becky and Donald had ventured out from Nevada to visit their little girl and child in-regulation, as per Law&Crime.

During the ensuing examination, Jeremy Bailey likewise uncovered to the police that he had put away his guns in a companion’s carport, as he had considered the demonstration a couple of days sooner.

Janessa Baldwin, a dear companion of Anastasia Stevens, uncovered insights regarding her last discussion with the person in question, which occurred two days before the killings. Yet again during that discussion, Stevens trusted in Baldwin about her doubts that her significant other had been faithless to her, as per The Salt Lake Tribune.

Baldwin reviewed that Stevens’ message didn’t show impending risk yet rather communicated her doubt at her better half’s activities. Baldwin referenced that Anastasia Stevens and her better half had been going to couples treatment, however she never demonstrated any potential for brutality from her significant other.

While psychological mistreatment coming about because of betrayal was obvious, Baldwin expressed that she knew nothing about any verbal or physical maltreatment. She likewise conceded that she never saw the spouse as somebody who might commit such a grievous go about as the supposed killing of Stevens and her folks, Donald Stevens and Becky Lloyd Stevens.