What Is Sadie Sink Ethnicity And Religion? Meet Her Parents Casey Adam Sink And Lori Elizabeth Sink

Perhaps the most famous actress of 2022, Sadie Sink, is known for playing Max in the hit Netflix show Stranger Things.

Sink started her career young as she was already playing the lead role in Annie on Broadway when she was just ten. She continued her career on stage when she played a young Queen Elizabeth II in 2015’s The Audience.

Sink’s television career started with a role in an episode of The Americans in 2013, and her career in film started with a role in the 2016 sports film Chuck. However, her influence as Max Mayfield on the science fiction series Stranger Things is undeniable.

She debuted in the second season, and no one expected her to be part of the main cast as the cast had already been solidified in the first season, but she quickly stole the show and became a fan favorite, a sentiment that had only grown among fans as the seasons had gone by, with her performance in the latest season causing an outcry when she wasn’t nominated for an Emmy.

Besides Stranger Things, she is famous for playing Ziggy Bergman’s role in the horror trilogy Fear Street. She has also wowed audiences with her vulnerable and chilling performance as Taylor Swift’s persona in the All Too Well Short Film.

If you want to know more about Sadie Sink, here is some quick trivia:

$1 Million
5 ft 3 in
2011 – Present

What Is Sadie Sink’s Ethnicity and Religion?

Sadie Sink’s ethnicity is American, of the caucasian persuasion, and her religion is Christianity.

Sink’s religion is indirectly the cause of her career as it was while acting in a production of the play The Best Christmas Pageant Ever at a community theater in Brenham at the age of seven that first stoked the embers of acting in young Sadie’s heart.

Next, she further stoked these embers by auditioning for and getting the lead role in a local production of The Secret Garden, and this experience made her decide that she wanted to pursue acting further.

Sink has had a commendable career starting from a community theater production, and especially in recent years, her acting chops have made her the most revered of the young cast of Stranger Things. A recent occurrence on social media is people sharing gifs or pictures of Sink’s character of Max Mayfield and then going on a long tangent about her acting skills in the scene shown in the gif or picture.

A cast member introduced after the first season, that too a main cast member, doesn’t get the kind of adoration that Sink is getting, and to think it all started from a Christmas play is amazing to think about.

Who Are Sadie Sink’s Parents? Does She Have Any Siblings?

Sadie Sink was born in Brenham, Texas, to Casey Adam Sink and Lori Elizabeth Sink on April 16, 2002.

Her father, Casey, is a football and rugby coach, and her mother, Lori, is a math teacher. Sadie has three older brothers, Spencer, Mitchell, and Caleb, and a younger sister named Jacey.

Though her family is very sports-oriented, owing to her father’s profession, Sink found herself gravitating towards acting and performance arts from a young age,  and looking back from the vantage point of the present, it seems like she was always meant to be on screen.

One of her older brothers, Mitchell, actually got her into acting. In an interview with Vogue, Sink mentioned that she and Mitchell became fascinated with the world of Broadway as young children and went to the community theatre, the same one she would play in later, together.

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Not only would they watch plays at the theatre, but they’d also stream broadway bootlegs on Youtube and watch Tony performances. The obsession is something that they shared, and Sink talks about her experience with her brother fondly.

This relationship is markedly different than what she had to show on Stranger Things, as her on-screen brother and her character had a more antagonistic relationship.

More On Sadie Sink’s Early Life- The Start Of The Young Actor’s Career

Following her performance in The Secret Garde, Sink regularly began performing at the Theater Under the Star in Houston.

She performed there during the 2011-2012 season and partook in a musical production of White Christmas before her lead role in Annie. Annie would take her to Broadway, much to her joy, as it was her dream, and her success on Broadway would lead her to television.

Throughout the entire process, her family would be completely supportive of her. In fact, although she was too young to audition, Sink begged her mother to take her to the production of The Secret Garden so the young girl could beg them to let her try out.

The family even agreed to relocate to New York during Sink’s whirlwind of Broadway roles and have been nothing but a source of support and comfort to the young girl. Fans may be shocked to find that, unlike the character she portrays on TV, Sink not only loves her family but loves to return to them after all the traveling she does.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How tall is Sadie Sink?
    • She is five feet and three inches.
  • Is Sadie Sink dating anyone?
    • Sadie Sink is dating Patrick Alwyn, brother of Joe Alwyn, the boyfriend of Taylor Swift, who Sadie Sink portrayed in the short film All Too Well.
  • How many awards has Sadie Sink won?
    • She hasn’t won any yet, but he has been nominated for four awards.