What is the real reason Daniel Day Lewis quit acting?

Daniel Day-Lewis, widely regarded as one of the greatest actors of his generation, announced his retirement from acting in 2017. The exact reason for Daniel Day-Lewis’ retirement from acting has not been explicitly stated by the actor himself.

However, he has given some insight into his decision in various interviews and statements.  One factor that Day-Lewis has mentioned is a desire to protect the integrity of his work and maintain the quality of his performances.

He has expressed concern about the potential risk of diminishing returns if he were to continue acting without the same level of passion and commitment. Day-Lewis has stated that he wants to leave the stage while still at the top of his game and not risk compromising the quality of his work.

Another aspect that may have influenced his decision is his preference for private life. Day-Lewis has always been known to be a very private individual, shying away from the public eye and avoiding the trappings of celebrity culture.

By retiring from acting, he is able to step away from the constant scrutiny that comes with being a highly recognized and revered actor.