John Roberts From Fox News Illness Explored

The Fox News journalist John Roberts has an illness related to his heart. Robert got his first diagnosis about the blocking of two arteries from Dr. Itshac Ben-Dor and Dr. Lowell Satler in 2018 at Washington Hospital.

During that time, doctors treated his heart condition by implanting artificial tubes in his heart to increase blood flow. But recently, one of the stents got blocked and, immediate care was needed for it.

The blockages of one of his stents were diagnosed when he went for a check-up at Inova Health and, Dr. Batchelor did a tiny ultrasound inside his coronary artery. He was amazed by the medical advancements which helped him to diagnose his heart condition before it got worse.

Due to his blocked stent, he had to undergo a cardiac procedure in which his stent was repaired and, he got a pacemaker for his heart. The pacemaker would help to notice his heart conditions and maintain cardiac rhythm. 

What Happened To John Roberts Health?

John Roberts was going through some health issues and, he shared in his show. During his first day, back at the show, he revealed to his co-host Sandra Smith, that in the past weeks he had to spend most of his time in a hospital.

He was either in an MRI or a CAT scan or a Cath lab or doing various other things. When Sandra said he had gone through a lot in the past week, Robert replied that he had to go through setbacks but, due to a great team of doctors, he is recovered and is back on the show.

Robert also revealed that it was his wife, Kyra, who had encouraged him to go for a check-up.

John Roberts Wife And Net Worth Details

John Roberts is married to his wife, Kyra Philips. The net worth of the journalist is estimated to be about $5 million. He got married to Kyra on April 25, 2010. Robert is blessed with two twin children named Sage Ann and Kellan Clay.

The average salary of being a Fox reporter is estimated to be about $61,032 to $85,000. So, he is earning well from his profession.