Where Is Caroline Cowper aka Alice Archer Now? “Rogue Agent” True Story Update 2022

Robert Freegard, the subject of the true-life thriller Rogue Agent, was a thief with a remarkable talent for tricking and misleading people, which he used to manipulate and kidnap several victims.

Caroline Cowper was one of his victims whom he devised a plan to extract a large sum of money. After seeing the wealthy lawyer in London, he seduced her and showed her a fake dream of marriage he got engaged to her.

Where Is Caroline Cowper, aka Alice Archer Now?

Alice Archer appears as the real person portraying the life of Caroline Cowper in the Rogue Agent released on Netflix. She is currently living In London, England, the United Kingdom, as of 2022.

In 2001, She met Robert Freegard, a con man, during her outdrive in the summer days when she decided to buy VW golfs. She was very successful at the time and used to drive the Mercedes.

During the time of buying a car at the local Dealer in the Normands, West London, She saw the salesman who was not only charming but also very handsome. She fell in love with him during the few interactions.

She purchased the car for 20 000 pounds and traded her car with the man, and also gave him her number. However, Robert had another plan of extracting every penny from the lawyer showing her their dreams of happiness and marriage. Later he proposed to her in London with the 6500 thousand diamond ring, and they decided to get engaged in the same year.

Freegard borrowed the money from her and promised to pay her back in full after he received the six-digit check from his MI5 boss. After a year of engagement, she had noticed her 40,000 pounds money was already gone; she decided to track him and learned about various relations he was in along with her. Later she went to the police after her investigations.

“Rogue Agent” True Story Update 2022

Rogue Agent is the true story based on Robert Freegard, a criminal with an exceptional ability to con and deceive the people through which he manipulated and kidnapped several victims.

The film genres of Thriller and drama were released on 27 July 2022 on Netflix. The character of Robert is created by James Norton. The film has a hot rating of 6.3 out of 10 on IMDB as of 2022.

The story of how the con man decided multiple people to think that he was an MI5 Agent and fleeing from the IRA simply wowed the director and film makes Adam Patterson and Declan Lawn as it was so dramatic and incredible to them. The True Story of the personal Involvement hooked them in the story, majorly Alice Archer.

Robert kidnapped two women and a man, thinking they were in danger of IRA, and kept them under him by manipulating them for several years. He made them extort money from their family and cut ties with them. He made one of the women pregnant and had a child.

In the 2000’s He deceived the lawyer Caroline Cowper in his spy story and got engaged with her. He borrowed a large sum of money and disappeared before their marriage took place. He also manipulates the Psychologist Kimberely Adams into thinking that she worked for the Secret service and extracted money from her.

What Happened To Robert Freegard?

Robert Freegard was convicted by the Blackfriars Crown Court guilty of kidnapping two victims, Theft, including the eight deceptions done with life imprisonment in September 2005.

He conned seven men and women acting as the MI5 agent stealing around one Million pounds by manipulating them. He had made them joined by the threat of the IRA that they were going to be in danger if they did not join him during the 1990s.

The Operation of catching the FreeGard was organized by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in 2002, where they bugged Adams parent’s phones and told Robert to meet him in person with an offer of $10 000. After the taunting offer, He was caught in the Heathrow Airpot in London.

According to the Goodto the con man is currently free and living with his partner Sandra Clifton in Berkshire, England. As of 2022, The 52-year-old man has changed his name to David Clifton and worked in their business of Beagle breeding.

According to the documentation shared in the Netflix documentary, The Puppet Master, His children accused him of controlling his partner, and their mother is one of the victims of his deception. However, he denied the fact of involving in such activity.

Robert accepts the fact that he had made mistakes in his life and offered apologies to all those he harmed for the sake of his family and children.