Where Is Cubs Announcer Jim Deshaies Today, Is He Leaving Because Of His Illness?

The 63-year-old Former American football player Jim Deshaies has been working as a color commentator on the Chicago Cubs Tv since his first day in 2013. Before his career as a Tv personality, he was a Left-handed starting pitcher for several teams like the New York Yankees, Houston Astros, Minnesota Twins, and Philadelphia in his professional career in Major League Baseball between 1984 -1995.

After disappearing in the game between the Nationals and Cubs, At the Monday night match, He was rumored to leave his work as the announcer. His absence was also questioned on his health status, which he later revealed.

Where Is Jim Deshaies Today? Illness update

Jim Deshaies is currently quarantined due to the symptoms of Covid during early august. He has claimed to stay home during his recovery from the illness.

Jim had not appeared in the media for quite a time after his appearance in most of Chicago’s games. Many of the fans have shown their curiosity about the state of the broadcaster, whether he is suffering from illness or not.

Regarding the health condition of the commentator, he has made an official reveal of his health on his Twitter account. He said he tested positive for COVID in the early weeks of August. Due to this, the broadcasting or any personality appearance will be missed in the upcoming games for some time.

The Tv personality has stated to have mild symptoms of the disease, and he seems fine now. He is currently Double vaccinated and has used a booster two times until the date.

Many fans were requestding an update on the former player. As he has been open about his personal life with his fans, many have speculated that they would have heard from him in case of illness, to which he replied on august 9.

On June 1, Jim posted a photo of himself cycling around the lakeside with the twitt, asking his fan to rate his dorkiness scale from 1-10. To the analysis, the announcer did not seem to suffer from any severe illness at that time.

Is Jim Deshaies Leaving As Cubs Announcer?

Jim Deshaies will not leave his work as the Cubs Announcer as he is currently on leave due to the symptom of Covid. The absence of the commentator on the Monday night of Wrigley Field questioned many views about the condition and had rumored of leaving the club. He will miss several upcoming games on the cubs until he recovers from the illness.

After working as the broadcaster for the Chicago Cubs since 2013, he extended his working period along the Len Kasper until 2019. Since the departure of his working partner from the cubs, he has been actively working as the expert commentator in the series of the club’s games.

There has not been any official statement from either side of the announcer or the cubs regarding the topic of Jim leaving his work. It is an unlikely and unfortunate situation he is currently facing that has made him unable to work.

The Tv personality had said on appearing in action as soon as he fights back covid in this months. He is expected to appear within the months of his absence.

Jim Deshaies is a TV Personality

Jim Deshaies has been working as the Expert commentator and makes a series of appearances as the Tv personality in the Chicago games. After retiring as a professional baseball player, he started his broadcasting career in 1972 for Astro’s Tv. During his period on the channel for over 15 years, he was respected and gained high popularity among the fans due to his work as an analyst.

After ending his career in the Astros, he moved to Chicago and started broadcasting for the Chicago Cubs Tv on 2013. After the departure of the expert commentator Len Kasper whose extensions were announced up to 2019, He became the color commentator for the club.

Deshaies also operated in the campaign to list his name in the Hall of Fame through the support of the Baseball Writers Association voter who chose him in the process. In 2001, he had not expected the outcome after his objectives were completed after John Lopez, a Houston writer, voted for the personality. He also works as the co-host and analyst for Major League Baseball on fox in the J.D and Dave’s Excellent Offseason Adventure.