Who Are Darren and Shannon Addison? Calen Addison Parents & Family Details

Calen Addison was brought into the world by his parents, Darren and Shannon Addison.

His current team in the National Hockey League (NHL) is the Minnesota Wild, and he is a professional ice hockey defender from Canada (NHL). In the 2018 NHL Entry Draft, the Pittsburgh Penguins selected him in the second round, at the 53rd overall position.

Addison’s goal that he scored for the Wild’s Hockey Fights Cancer night the year before was particularly meaningful because it was scored on November 2, which was also the day that his grandfather passed away. He accomplished this feat in his grandfather’s honor.

Keep reading to learn more about Calen Addison’s family, including his grandparents and the unique memorial he made for his grandfather.

Darren And Shannon Addison Are Calen Addison’s Parents

On April 11, 2000, Calen Addison joined his parents, Darren and Shannon Addison, in the world.

He was born in Brandon, which is located in Manitoba. However, when he was just two years old, his family relocated to Thompson, and that is where he first learned how to skate. They did not move back to Brandon until he was seven years old.

Calen Addison Enjoys Spending Time With Family

Calen takes pleasure in the time he gets to spend with his family, particularly around the holidays.

Addison is another one of our students who has a strong sense of national pride. Holidays like Christmas and sporting events like the World Junior Championship are fun for him to share with his family.

On Boxing Day, he likes to stay in and watch Canada play. For Calen, it is a wonderful opportunity to gather together with his family and cheer on his nation during this time.

The Addison family has a deep legacy of public service, particularly in the fields of law enforcement and firefighting. If he were unable to play professional hockey, he stated that there are two other careers that he would be interested in pursuing.

Although, if Calen’s opinions are correct, he ought to give some thought to going to Nashville in order to participate in the country music scene there and try his luck there.

Calen Addison Tribute To His Grandpa

Calen Addison paid tribute to his grandfather by naming his first NHL goal after him seven years after his demise.

When he was a kid, he had a really special relationship with his grandfather. Therefore, it is only natural that he had a unique homage to pay to him when he passed away after he passed away.

Calen Addison earned his first goal in the National Hockey League against the Ottawa Senators on November 2. The game ended 5-4 in overtime.

The target was accomplished on the same day that Addison’s grandfather had passed away seven years before the event. It also occurred on the Wild’s Hockey Fights Cancer Awareness night, which made it even more remarkable in light of the fact that his grandfather had passed away as a result of lung cancer.

Therefore, achieving this aim was quite significant for Calen. He devoted it to the memory of his grandfather.

Addison recalled that when he was a child, he would spend three weeks each summer visiting his grandfather in McAuley, Manitoba. While there, he would engage in activities that he characterized as “country stuff,” as well as hang out in the neighborhood and spend time in the town.

His grandfather, Alex Addison, attended the bulk of Addison’s games, however, he passed away when Addison was just 14 years old, which was four years before his grandson would be chosen by the Pittsburgh Penguins in the second round of the 2018 NHL Draft.

Addison vowed that he would do everything in his power to earn his grandfather’s approval.