Who Are Joseph Elanga And Daniella Elanga? All About Anthony Elanga’s Parents Ethnicity

Sweden international footballer Anthony Elanga is the son of professional athlete Joseph Elanga and his wife, Daniella Elanga.
The player for Manchester United got placed on the bench against Real Sociedad after playing the game as an unused substitute against Arsenal at the weekend.

It did not start well for the Cristiano Ronaldo lead unit as they had trouble finding their feet early on. The first half saw mistakes from both sides, failing to score any goals.

But the second half did not turn in their favor as Sociedad continued their aggressive play. A night ended with a humiliating defeat with just one goal as Man Utd came close to scoring but never succeeded.

Meanwhile, viewers could not help but discuss Elanga’s underwhelming performance, as his highlight came last month after scoring a 2-1 win over Liverpool. His age came with energy as he baffled their defense and headed to hit vital points.

Critics noted his third position on the left wing would show no progress as he made the confusing move to move the ball away from the goal toward Ronaldo. He could have scored two scores but missed at the last moment.

Quick Info:

Full Name Anthony David Junior Elanga
Date of birth 27 April 2002
Age 20 years
Place of birth Malmö, Sweden
Height 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in)
Position(s) Winger
Father Joseph Elanga
Mother Daniella Elanga

Anthony Elanga’s Parents, Joseph Elanga And Daniella Elanga- What Is Their Ethnicity?

Swedish International Premier league footballer Anthony Elanga was born in Hyllie, Malmö, Sweden. He has the sport in her lineage as his father, Joseph Elanga, used to play back in the day while his mother, Daniella Elanga, supported him.

Indeed, the former Cameroon international joined the Indomitable Lions’ squad and represented them in the 1998 World Cup before settling in Malmo.

Reports say his adventures across Europe began with Greece before moving to Malmo, where he saw the arrival of Anthony and spent five years of life in the luscious climate. He took a detour to Denmark before settling in Sweden. His sweet mother also had a knack for the sport as she played in her prime.

Their history played a colossal part in his judgment to collaborate with the team as he wished to follow in his footsteps. He named his father as the reason behind his inherent love for football, as he taught him all he knew. The similar positions, him as the wringer and his dad as the left striker made training sessions more effortless as he was an excellent sportsman. He recalled watching his speed and tough exterior and aspired to beat him at his own game.

Besides, such competitions are necessary for players to keep going as one cannot just relax between games. The elder Elange set high standards but provided essential instructions and counseled him to stay focused.

Even after his retirement, his old opponents recall watching his gameplay as 40-year-old striker Ageless Ibrahimovic stated he shared the same field with his father 20 years ago. The athletes rejoiced in their similar backgrounds as they both are Swedish sportsmen in the English Premier League club, as the record goalscorer even let the youngster take center stage. It was heartwarming, as everyone could see the dynamism between the members.

But do not assume that his mum was a fleeting presence in his upbringing as she ensured that their son got brought up to be a well-rounded and hyperfocused individual.

Does Anthony Elanga Have Siblings And What Is His Religion?

20-year-old Anthony Elanga has always been the apple of his parent’s eyes as he was bound to pass the torch as the only son with two sisters, Sandra and Chanelle. The trio grew up as Christian in Malmö, Sweden.

The five feet ten athletes entered the world on the 27th day of April 2002 as they grew up in a public housing estate in Hyllie. After he turned four, he moved to Boras as their financial situation got better and came across football.

He got enamored by the style of his idol Thierry Henry, a legendary figure of Arsenal. His education played a pivotal role as he did not completely let go of his studies after moving to England and settling in Manchester. It did not take longer for the local club, Hattersley, to recruit him as they taught him the initial rules and aided him in adapting to the environment.

While still a preteen, he got scouted by Manchester City, making his debut for the Manchester United under-18s in just three years. It was evident to get a contract as he signed as an academy scholar by 2018. In the first season, he scored four goals in the 22 impressions, as he got promoted to the Under-21s.

The covid restriction shorted his budding career, but he still won the Jimmy Murphy Young Player of the Year award.

In 2022, he got an opportunity to change his nationality as his stock rose in the market. His birth country Sweden and Cameroonian roots are sacred to him, as his extended stay in the British Isles made him eligible for citizenship. He straightforwardly denied the request as he wished to remain affiliated with the nation where he began as a youth and would continue to represent them.

Cameroon also tried their shot to see if his loyalty extended to them as his parents had a strong bond with the nation but also got turned down.

Anthony Elanga’s Net Worth -His Career Earnings

Man city united winger Anthony Elanga is one of the highest-paid athletes in the world as he operates for the Premier League club Manchester United and Sweden national team. So, we do not doubt his net worth skyrocketed in the last few years.

The club played it safe when they extended his contract to 2026 last year. He made his debut with the team around 2020 and when he got selected for a pre-season friendly against Aston Villa, where he was merely a sub. The game was enough to prove his worth as he signed a contract that would not end for another four years.

The recent season was better for him as he scored his second league goal in January at their match against Brentford. After an underwhelming performance in the battles against Middlesbrough, he lost a penalty shot, subjecting him to a wave of social media trolls and insults targeting his race as fans at the stadium threw objects at him.

Meanwhile, he has also played five times for the Sweden under-17 and competed at the 2019 UEFA European Under-17 Championship, UEFA Nations League, and World Cup qualifiers.


How much is Anthony Elanga’s salary?

  • Football player Anthony Elanga’s salary is estimated to be about $359633 per year. In addition, his salary per week is $6916.

How old is Elanga?

  • Anthony Elanga is 20 years of age.

Is elanga a Cameroonian?

  • The young Swedish-born Cameroonian started his career at IF Elfsborg and will soon court the attention of giants Malmo following his enormous talent.

How tall is Anthony Elanga?

    • Anthony Elanga is 1.78 meters tall.