Who is Angie Carrizel? California student Kristin Smart’s killer Paul Flores’ ex-girlfriend

Paul Flores’ ex Angie Carrizel affirmed in Kristin Brilliant’s case a year ago
She talked about a peculiar experience she had at Flores’ dad’s home
Carrizel dated Flores for around two years in mid 2000s

Paul Flores’ ex Angie Carrizel affirmed in Kristin Savvy’s case last year following which he was sentenced. The 45-year-old was seen as at fault for first-degree murder last October.

On Friday, he was condemned to 25 years to life in jail without any chance to appeal in a California court.

Shrewd, a first year recruit at California Polytechnic State College, disappeared on May 25, 1996. Flores was the individual who was most recently seen with the 19-year-old. As per examiners, Flores killed her during an endeavored assault in his apartment.

It was thought that Flores’ dad Ruben assisted him with discarding Shrewd’s remaining parts, which were supposedly covered in the patio of his Arroyo Grande home. It was additionally said that he later uncovered her remaining parts to move them to another area.

Notwithstanding, specialists couldn’t find Savvy’s remaining parts. In 2002, she was proclaimed legitimately dead. Flores’ kid father was accused of frill.

Who is Angie Carrizel? Flores’ ex Angie Carrizel stood up on Aug. 25 to affirm about an unusual experience she purportedly had in the lawn of Flores’ dad Ruben’s home in the mid 2000s.

Carrizel dated Flores for around two years. She affirmed that she had met Flores’ folks, Ruben and Susan, at their Arroyo Grande home. She needed to pick an avocado from the trees in the lawn however was approached to avoid them.

“They didn’t need me there,” she affirmed.