Who Is Maya Hendricks? Meet Her Boyfriend

What is Maya Hendricks Age? She does not have a boyfriend but has she been on a romantic journey ever? Let us find out about her in this article.

Maya is a well-known reputed, and successful actress who is quite known for her role as Sarah Miller in the TV series named Panic, set to premiere on Prime Video on May 28, 2021.

The young and beautiful Maya Hendricks is half Indian​, half American, and full of energy, now living in Mumbai.

The half Indian and half American actress also shot for Kingfisher Calendar of the year 2016.

Maya Hendricks Age: Her Height and Ethnicity

Maya Hendricks has not revealed her age on the internet.

However, looking at her pictures, she looks like she is in her late twenties.

Talking about her height, she stands more than 5 feet tall. There is not much information about her other body attributes, but we can clearly see that she has a slim and perfect body.

We have no information about her ethnicity.

Meet Her on Instagram

There is no Instagram account of Maya.

We could not find her official Instagram account.

How Much Is Her Net Worth?

The net worth of Maya has not been revealed yet.

Her main source of income is from her acting and modeling career.

Maya Hendricks Boyfriend and Parents

Maya has not revealed any detail about her boyfriend as of now.

The star is a bit confidential about her life as she has not shared information about her previous relations ad hookups.

Likewise, there is no information about Maya’s parents on the internet.

Is Maya On Wikipedia?

No, Maya Hendricks has not been featured on the Wikipedia page yet.

However, some sites, including ours, can find some information about the young actress.

Moreover, we really look forward to seeing her feature on the Wikipedia page real soon.