Who Is Trevor Zegras Brother Griffin Zegras? 5 Quick Facts About Him

Griffin Zegras is the brother of Trevor Zegras, an American professional ice hockey player of Anaheim Ducks of the National Hockey League (NHL).

Trevor Zegras plays as an ice hockey center for the NHL, meaning he plays forward, whose primary zone of play is in the middle of the ice and away from the sideboards.

The Ducks chose him as the ninth overall pick in the 2019 NHL Entry Draft. Before that, he played college hockey at Boston University Terriers men’s ice hockey team.

Similarly, as Griffin talks about his wrestling, he mentioned that the Herb Brooks Arena in Lake Placid was his favorite place to fight.
He also shares his favorite teams: the Giants, Yankees, Grizzlies, and Anaheim Ducks. He mentions that he has lifted weights about six times a week and ran when he could.

Trevor Zegras Brother Griffin Zegras Is A Wrestler

Griffin Zegras, the brother of ice hockey player Trevor Zegras, is a known wrestler at Fox Lane, studying in his senior year.

He has a weight class of 189, one of the criteria used in divisions of competition for pairing against competitors of their size.

The brother of famous hockey player Trevor Zegras is known for wrestling as he is a wrestler at Fox Lane.

Last year, on January 2021, Griffin was off the mat for about a month in the previous season dues to an injury. Returning after the recovery, he hardly slowed down and finished with a 25-3 record. Similarly, he advanced to the Section 1 Division I finals at 195 pounds and claimed all-section honors.

During an interview, Griffin stated that he does not plan on wrestling at the college level because he wants to focus on his academic studies and set it as his priority. Hockey player Trevor Zegras’s brother, Griffin, belongs to the Wrestling club named Empire Wrestling Academy.

Describing Griffin’s wrestling style, he mentions that he thinks he has a pretty unorthodox style. He tries to get the match to the mat as fast as possible to scramble and bring in those uncomfortable situations.

Griffin Zegras Father Gary Zegras Is An Assiant Ice Hockey Coach

Unlike brother Trevor Zegras, Griffin does not seem to be following his father, Gary Zegras’s footsteps in pursuing Ice Hockey.

Gary worked as an assistant coach for the New York Junior Rangers ice hockey team in the Quebec International Pee-Wee Hockey Tournament League in 2013 and 2014. Later, in 2020 and 2021, he was appointed as coach to Mid Fairfield Rangers 18U AAA in under 18 minor hockey age division with AAA as a competitive level.

When Trevor was at the beginning of his future as a hockey player in NHL, Father Gary had an interview about the whole situation. He recalled thinking of all the years that they had traveled around the world watching Trevor as a little guy who just loved playing hockey, to get to that moment was pretty surreal. 

In a moment of reflection, Gary tried to describe what it was like to be a part of an unforgettable moment. In an emotional tone, he says he is happy for Trevor. 

He then looked at his other kids, Griffin and Ava, and his wife, Julie, and he mentioned the sacrifices that everybody in the family made for Trevor to do the things he did. Gary was just proud of the whole family at that moment. 

Trevor And Griffin Zegras Sister Ava Zegras

Ava Zegras, the sister of Trevor and Griffin Zegras, is an athlete at Fox Lane, New York, The United States of America (USA).

She seems to be listed on the attendee list as her father’s guest, Gary Zegras, for watching the game of 2019’s Boston University Men’s Hockey Family Night along with her brother Griffin and mother Julie.

This was when Trevor was selected in the first round. So when the Ducks’ brass stepped onto the stage and Executive Vice President or General Manager Bob Murray called Trevor’s name, the whole Zegras family roared with excitement.

Trevor And Griffin Zegras Mother Julie Zegras Looks After The Family

Julie is the mother of Trevor, Griffin, and Ava Zegras, who takes care of her children and husband, Gary Zegras, at all times. 

Coming from a Greek heritage, she and her husband Gary are now settled in The United States of America. Thus, their children are all American raised without any restrictions and always motivated to be the best in what they become. One of their children, Trevor Zegras thus, is a famous hockey player and has been in the footsteps of his father, Gary, as he worked as an assistant hockey coach before.

Their other son Griffin is also a wrestler, and their only daughter Ava is an athlete. So basically, their whole family seems to be pretty athletic and into sports. As four out of five members have such athletic backgrounds, the family’s mother looks after everyone, which is an essential part of the well-being of all.

5 Quick Facts About Tervor And Griffin Zegras Family

  1. Trevor Zegras went to Boston University.

  2. Brother Griffin Zegras is a wrestler at Fox Lane.

  3. Father Gary Zegras was a former assistant hockey coach.

  4. Sister Ava Zegras is also an athlete.

  5. Griffin Zegras does not plan on wrestling at the college level.

Some FAQs

Is Griffin Zegras Trevor’s brother?

Yes, Griffin Zegras is Trevor Zegras’s brother.

Who is Trevor Zegras?

Trevor Zegras is a famous hockey player who plays forward for Anaheim Ducks Of The NHL.

Is hockey their family tradition?

We can say that as Trevor mentions about his father, brother and also cousins being hockey players.