Who Is Vivienne Leggett From Hawkesbury Race Club? Woman Faces Sexism By Boss Greg Rudolph

Vivienne Leggett was the sponsorship manager of Hawkesbury Race Club. She started working in the company in 1991 under then-CEO Brian Fletcher and was in charge of retaining existing contracts and bringing new deals. Later she was promoted to the club’s marketing and sponsorship manager.

Her dedication to her work halted when Greg Rudolph, a former Racing NSW deputy chairman of stewards, became the new CEO in May 2016. Leggett suffered from anxiety, depression, fatigue, and thoughts about ending her life due to the constant bullying from Rudolph.

Rudolph had mistreated and humiliated Leggett from the beginning. He even told Vivienne that she was overpaid and called her nothing. Leggett took her case to court, and after battling her patient for several years, the Federal Court ruled in favor of her and ordered the company to pay her $2.8 million.

Is Vivienne Leggett’s Boss Greg Rudolph Fired For Sexism?

Rudolph resigned from Hawkesbury Race Club in 2019. He constantly bullied his employee Leggett and continuously criticized and micro-managed her work to the point where she lost her ability to work and her confidence.

She thought she was useless to anyone and felt oppressed and mentally abused. Vivienne had thoughts about killing herself, and when she asked for help from the company’s directors, they all turned their backs even though they knew how she was being treated.

Leggett knew since the first day she met Rudolph that he was a person who liked to control people and was manipulative. Rudolph’s bullying affected her mental health as she suffered from a significant depressive disorder with anxiety that left her unemployed.

The company’s board didn’t investigate her complaints; instead, they let Leggett aside, who had worked for 25 years and made her fight for five years in court for justice. She was forced to sell her three properties and withdraw money to financially support herself as she wasn’t paid since October 2016.

For the first 15 months of being off work, she wasn’t paid any worker’s compensation, and the Race Clun had retained her long service and annual leave as well as commissions she had brought into Hawkesbury.

The board of the company never acknowledged their wrongdoings.

Vivienne Leggett’s Age And Family

Currently, she is 54 years old. She married her husband Garry, and the couple had two kids together.

There is no information about her parents or siblings on the internet. She wants to keep her personal life out of the public eye as she has already gone through so much in her life.

It is known that during her dark days, her family and husband have supported and helped her to overcome her fears. She always shared her problems with her husband.

With her family and husband on her side, she feels strong and less scared of the situation.

Vivienne Legget’s LinkedIn Bio

Legget does not have a LinkedIn profile; it is not known whether she is currently employed or not. After the incident with her previous company, it has been hard for her to focus on anything for too long.

She is most likely enjoying her time with her loving family.