Who played Donnie Pfaster? Is Donald Pfaster a demon?

The X-Files is an American science fiction television series. “Irresistible” is the thirteenth episode of season two. On January 13, 1995, the Fox network broadcast its debut. The first of Nick Chinlund’s two guest appearances as the murderer with a death fetish, Donnie Pfaster, was featured in the episode, which was written by the series’ creator Chris Carter and directed by David Nutter.

The episode is a “Monster-of-the-Week” tale, a standalone story unrelated to the larger mythology of the show. 8.8 million people watched the episode on its initial airing, and it got favorable reviews, with particular attention paid to Chinlund’s portrayal of the antagonist.

Who played Donnie Pfaster?

In the “Irresistible” and “Orison” episodes of The X-Files, Donald “Donnie” Addie Pfaster appears as an enemy.

He is a serial killer who has also been called a “death fetishist,” preys on young ladies, and has a particular obsession with blondes.

Is Donald Pfaster a demon?

Although Pfaster’s demon type is unknown, it’s conceivable that he’s a ghoul, an Arabic demon infamous for haunting and feasting on the dead.